The Benefits of Steel Siding: Meet Our Valued Manufacturers

Siding — the material that goes around your house to protect the walls of the structure from weather, rodents, insects, and mold — comes in various materials including vinyl, fiber cement, and steel. Each offers a particular set of benefits and a certain level of upkeep. The best siding for

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Home Renovation Projects Worthy of Your Time — and Money

The population of the Centennial State is rapidly growing, with more and more people moving to the Denver area to enjoy the sunny skies, easy access to exciting mountain adventures, and one of the country’s best craft beer scenes. With this expansion comes rising property values and the appeal of

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Full Lite, Three Quarter Lite, and Half Lite Storm Doors

Which Storm Door Design Best Fits Your Style? Everyone knows that entryways can make all the difference when it comes to curb appeal. Whether you’re prepping your property for a quick sale or just want to add a personal touch to your home’s appearance, there’s no quicker and easier way

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Spring Gutter Replacement: The Important Role of Your Gutters

Compared to many states, winters in Colorado are quite mild. We have many warm, sunny days, even during the dead of winter. While this is great for our attitudes, it is rough on our homes, specifically our gutters. The constant melting and freezing can weaken the seams, causing them to

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3-Lite Sliders and Horizontal Sliders

In a room with low ceilings or a lot of empty horizontal space, many homeowners choose to install sliding windows. In large rooms with lots of empty wall space, sliding windows on can be the perfect addition, letting in sunshine and a fresh breeze. In smaller rooms like kitchens or

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Refresh your window treatments with unique window hardware

Sometimes it’s amazing how much a simple change can alter the vibe of a room. For example, replacing standard curtain rods and hardware with eye-catching alternatives on your window treatments can make all the difference. Here are a few things to think about as you’re shopping for window hardware: Sleek

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4 benefits of soundproof windows

If you have always wished you couldn’t hear the traffic outside or one of those dogs that never seems to get tired of barking, you will like this article. Benefit #1: Noise Reduction Did you know that soundproofing your windows can lead to a noise reduction level of up to

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7 Spooky Halloween Front Doors

In honor of the upcoming holiday, we thought we’d share our favorite “spooky” Halloween decorating ideas for the front of the home: (Some are more sophisticated than spooky…)

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Siding buying guide from Consumer Reports

Whether you are installing new siding on your home or replacing old siding, the choices can be overwhelming. Here is a great place to get started. This excellent guide on how to buy siding is from Getting started New siding is one of the most visible ways to give

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Learn About Glass

80% of a window is glass. Better glass achieves energy efficiency! Minimal investment gets you 4-10 times more efficient glass! How do you choose the right glass for your windows? Assess the following: Climate zone Sun exposure Window placement in the house Heating and cooling needs Size of the windows

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