Dressing Up: Windows with Wow

We’re already well into 2022, but it’s always a good time to celebrate new beginnings, new opportunities, and the chance to be with friends and family. Although it may be the dead of winter, we’re looking forward to the bright blossoming of springtime — in this spirit, read on for a few lovely window options that have our heads turning and our hearts dancing.

Mezzo Windows by AlsideAlside_WCMezzo

Alside knows you don’t have to sacrifice strength and efficiency for beauty. Founder Jerome Kaufman invented the first residential baked enamel aluminum siding not long after opening Alside in 1947 — and ever since, they have continued to be a leader in home renovation by merging technological advances with stunning design. The result is a selection of aesthetically-pleasing and energy-efficient windows that dazzle both inside and out.

Hy-Lite Windowswindows-blog

Based in Pensacola, Florida, Hy-Lite’s mission is to revolutionize traditional glass block windows to be more energy-efficient and customizable. Hy-Lite windows offer total privacy both in their acrylic block windows and their newly-developed and oh-so-stylish decorative glass windows — perfect for closets and bathrooms. Because they can custom-cut the acrylic blocks to almost any size or shape, Hy-Lite means endless design possibilities.

Homemaker3 by MI WindowsHomemaker3

Although its roots are in a Florida airplane hangar, MI’s first plant opened in Pennsylvania in 1967. Their windows feature clean lines, fresh patterns, and a variety of architectural shapes and sizes. From classic to playful, MI’s Homemaker3 series windows make a beautiful statement in any room.

Unique windows remind us that your home can be a true work of art as well as your castle and refuge. Call today for a free consultation with Gravina’s® to find a dressed-up window just for you!

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