Earth Day: How Gravina’s Honors the Environment

Celebrated every year on April 22, Earth Day commemorates the 1970 birth of the modern environmental movement — and this year’s theme is “Invest in Our Planet.” Here at Gravina’s we are particularly committed to environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient practices to help our customers safely renovate their windows, doors, and siding. From lead containment to smart energy use, Gravina’s shares our customers’ devotion to maintaining the natural beauty and resources of Colorado.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protects land, water, and air in the Centennial State, with responsibilities including the safe use and containment of lead in developed areas. Common home renovations and repairs — like cutting or replacing windows — can create hazardous lead dust and chips that can harm children, pets, and adults. Even a small amount of lead dust might put your family at risk, but have no fear — Gravina’s has used safe lead practices for over ten years and is a Lead-Safe EPA Certified firm.

Another EPA focus is a joint program coordinated with the U.S. Department of Energy: Energy Star® helps homeowners save money and protect the environment by giving them the information they need to prioritize energy-efficient products and practices. Gravina’s is proud to offer a wide range of quality products with impressive Energy Star® pedigrees. Valued manufacturer ProVia has received ten awards from Energy Star®, all of Pella’s window series have received ratings of “Most Efficient 2022,” and Andersen Windows was certified for low VOC emissions in addition to being named 2021 ES Partner of the Year for Sustained Excellence.

Gravina’s also offers a variety of windows and doors with Low-E glass to help protect your entry door by reflecting away unwanted solar gain when the sun beats down. “Low-E” is a metal oxide applied to glass that reflects heat to its source — the “E” refers to emissivity, defined as the measure of the ability of a surface to radiate energy. Adding Low-E to glass will assist in heat control while blocking UV ray penetration, organically moderating the temperature in your home and reducing energy consumption at the same time. That’s a win/win if you ask us!

In addition to offering quality products, Gravina’s standard installation practices include expertly sealing doors and windows to reduce wear on your heating and cooling systems by preventing airflow in and out of the home.

If you want to celebrate Earth Day’s “Invest in Our Planet” this year, why not pull double duty and take a look at the investments available to your home as well? Gravina’s will help make your life more environmentally-friendly than ever — call us today for a free consultation!

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