Five Ways to Freshen Up Your Front Porch for Spring

Your front porch is your home’s showcase for first impressions . It’s where you greet visitors and it can be a relaxing spot to hang out with family and friends. A beautiful and inviting look for your front porch will transform your home’s curb appeal and enhance the aesthetic of your entire block. Here are five easy ways to fancy up the front of your house.

1. Pretty Perennials

While this may seem obvious, pops of color from florals are an easy and eye-catching way to spruce up your front porch space no matter the season. Keep in mind that while they are lovely when in bloom, not all flowers can power through a storm or severe heat. Some of our favorite flourishing blossoms are petunias, hydrangeas, and azaleas — these are both dreamy and durable.

2. Give Your Front Door a Facelift

First, decide whether you want to spring for a brand-new front door or splurge on a fresh coat of paint.

Trying to determine the best way to go? Consider the age of your front door. Older doors could have issues with insulation, cracked wood, and dull finishes — and a new front door can help save on energy costs while giving your front porch an elegant face lift. You’ll now be able to focus on functional features that you may not have had before, like new locking systems and designer glass to allow more sunshine to flow into the home.

If a fresh coat of paint is all you need, express the personality of your home with a unique color and style. A simple shade switch can make all the difference in the appearance of your home, and even has the potential to increase its overall value!

3. Windows

Window replacements can make your outdated and drab front porch suddenly trendy and reinvigorated. From contemporary to traditional to industrial-modern, the window style you choose can help fuse your front-of-home look with your indoor personality and taste. Windows are a perfect expression of who you are! Elevate your panes with window boxes , taking your outdoor gardening to the next level and highlighting the beauty of your window trim .

4. Outdoor furniture

Even if you have a small front patio, outdoor furniture can still help create an inviting gathering space while adding livable square footage to your home. Furniture like bench swings, patio rockers, and outdoor loveseats offer extra seating for entertaining or relaxing with the family. Experts say to choose lightweight, low-profile furniture that can easily be moved as needed and to make use of dual-purpose pieces — such as stools — that have multiple functions. A bistro-, coffee-, or side table can provide surface space for refreshments or small planters, while an outdoor rug adds an element of comfort that ties the whole patio ensemble together.

5. Door décor

Door décor is an easy and versatile way to keep your front porch feeling personalized and put-together. Consider decorative touches including door knockers, wreaths, classy address numbers, and even a removable decal to jazz up a conventional front door. Don’t overlook hardware finishes such as door handles for a designer touch! No matter how you choose to revamp your home’s front space, Gravina’s® has the tools and expertise necessary to help you get the job done right. Contact us for a free estimate on your summer home improvement needs.

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