How We Work

What You Get with Gravina's®

Every year, we help hundreds of Colorado homeowners realize their dreams of living in a home with beautiful, efficient, functional windows, doors, and siding.

To do this, we follow a time-tested process we call ‘The Gravina’s Experience’.

The Gravina’s Experience includes the following steps.


You Get a Free, No-Obligation, At-Home Consultation

To best understand your needs, a Gravina’s representative will visit you to ask a few basic questions and evaluate the current condition of your existing windows, doors, or siding.

This consultation costs nothing and normally takes 30 minutes to an hour (or longer, for especially large projects).

After your consultation, you’ll get a detailed quote with an estimated project timeline.


Our Installers Take Precision Measurements

To ensure that we select the best-fitting hardware to suit your home, our installers will take a series of measurements before creating a customized plan for the safe removal of your old materials (if applicable) and the installation of your new windows, doors.

Note: For siding projects, the initial consultation is typically all we need to proceed.

Once we have the required measurements, we’ll work with our manufacturers to have everything shipped to us as soon as possible.


We Schedule and Complete the Installation

According to the installation plan outlined in step two, our installers will show up, complete the installation, and clean up.

This can take anywhere from a few hours for a window or two to multiple weeks for extensive projects.

After everything has been installed, you’ll be asked to tell us how we did! Our 10-point report card covers every aspect of the job, and it gives us assurance that you are 100% satisfied with your installation.


Payment Is Processed and Warranty Term Begins

After the finishing touches are put on your project, we will collect payment and your warranty documents will be given to you.

If you choose to finance your Gravina’s project, you’ll get instructions for how and when to make your payments.

That’s it!

Ready to Get Started? Let's Do It!

A Gravina’s team member is standing by, waiting to help with scheduling your free consultation and getting you on the path to a happier, more beautiful home.

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