New windows are the breath of fresh air that beautifies and modernizes any home. Gravina’s® makes ‘window shopping’ easy with a broad range of styles, sizes, and manufacturers—and support from a team that makes selection and installation a breeze.


Common decision-making factors when shopping for replacement windows

Types of Windows

Choose from over a dozen different window types, each with unique features and benefits that enhance the look and functionality.

Window Materials

The material construction of your new windows will impact strength, efficiency, performance, and required maintenance.

A-List Brands

From best sellers Kolbe to Great Lakes to Andersen, Pella, Jeld-Wen, Milgard, and more.

Window Types


Simple, functional, and sleek. Single-hung windows include a sliding lower sash with a stationary upper sash.

Single-hung is by far the most common window style—its no-nonsense design makes it a perfect choice for bedrooms, patios, and other high-traffic areas. They’re easy to use and a great value.



Two sliding sashes make double-hung windows an outstanding choice for form and function.

What’s better than a single sliding window sash? How about two of them! Double-hung windows optimize airflow by giving you more configuration options without sacrificing quality or aesthetics.


Single Slider

Also known as 'glider' windows, single-slider windows are simple, functional, and budget-friendly.

Single-slider windows feature two horizontally set sashes: one that remains stationary, and one that slides open. This is a great choice for the homeowner who wants quality, affordability, and energy efficiency.


Double Slider

The obvious upgrade for single slider windows, double sliders deliver versatility that's tough to beat.

For those who want the look of a slider window but with enhanced configuration options, the double slider hits the mark. Get maximum ventilation control with two independently moveable sliding sashes.


3-lite Slider

Three interlocking sashes make for a stylish, high-performance window that's perfect for larger rooms.

With a narrower frame and a stationary master sash, the 3-lite slider allows more light in while keeping dust, bugs, rain, and hail out. Opposing moveable sashes easily slide open, providing optimal ventilation.



A side-hinging window with a traditional look, casement windows are cost-effective and easy to use.

Casement windows date back to the 18th century, and their timeless design lives on today! A single, uninterrupted window pane is easily opened and closed horizontally. Casement windows are best suited for small-to-medium openings.



Top-hinging awning windows offer a classic look and simple, reliable ease-of-use.

Let more light in while enjoying a better view with awning windows from Gravina’s. This style allows for superior sealing, which translates into better energy efficiency compared to most other options.



Strong, high-quality fixed windows let the light in and keep everything else out.

Not every window needs to be opened. Premium fixed windows can be perfect for smaller openings in basements, attics, or storage spaces. And, they’re the ultimate cost-effective window solution.



Optimal light, more space, and an attractive design aesthetic—bay windows have it all!

Celebrated for their space-making capability and ingenious use of light, bay windows are incredibly popular here in Colorado. They’re perfect for Craftsman bungalows or anywhere more natural light is desired.



Add living space and more natural lighting with a sleek, elegant look that enhances any style home.

Similar to bay windows, bow windows use the same style of window for each section. The bow aesthetic has fewer ‘hard’ angles and allows for more window configuration options.



Abundant sunlight and a classic look—garden windows offer style, performance, and functionality.

Virtually any room can be made to look and feel bigger with the addition of a premium garden window from Gravina’s. Add sliding sashes to the sides for enhanced ventilation.


Special Shapes

Fulfill your vision of the perfect custom window with expert design and installation from Gravina's.

Who says your windows have to be cookie-cutter? Not us! Give us your design ideas and we will craft a unique window solution that meets your goals while enhancing the architecture of your home.


Sliding Doors

Beautify your home with whisper-quiet, smooth-operating sliding doors that look as great as they function.

We specialize in matching the right sliding doors with your home, lifestyle, and budget. Save on heating and cooling bills while adding real value to your home—Gravina’s can help make it happen!



Wood Clad

Get the best of both worlds: an attractive interior wood window frame surface and a weather-resistant exterior surface. Wood clad windows are classic, versatile, and easy to maintain.

Fiberglass/ Composite

For unmatched strength paired with a sleek design, fiberglass and composite windows are the best choice. Fiberglass offers superior energy efficiency while composites come in an array of styles and surface textures.


Vinyl windows offer outstanding resistance to heat, water, and UV exposure, and the material doesn’t rot, mold, or warp, giving it a long life that requires minimal upkeep.

Aluminum Storm Windows

Celebrated for their low emissivity and outstanding affordability, aluminum storm windows offer a fantastic balance of strength, insulation, and functionality.

Our Most Recommended Windows Brands


Gravina's Window FAQ

Owl Common Question

We guide you through all of your options so you can decide what is best for your house.

Vinyl windows usually carry the highest energy efficiency rating of all frames.

They can be. There are cheap vinyl windows out there that don’t hold up well over time. But there are also extremely well-built vinyl windows that can stand the test of time.

Low Emissivity glass is glass that has been treated with a metallic oxide spray to help reflect heat and damaging UV rays.

For a more efficient and more sound-reducing window, yes.

When it comes to windows, the word “soundproof” is not an accurate descriptor. ‘Sound-reducing’ or ‘sound control’ are more appropriate terms. We do offer STC/OITC glass options to help reduce noise penetration.

Windows themselves do not cause condensation. Moisture will form on the glass of the windows either on the interior or exterior, due to humidity and water vapor in the air. If moisture ever forms between the panes of glass, that is almost certainly because of a seal failure. Most of the time, repairing the faulty seal is covered by the window warranty.

Wondering how to pay for your new windows? We have options!

You can enjoy beautiful, professionally installed windows and take up to 12 months to pay, interest-free. Or, choose a longer payment term with an attractive APR.