Window Treatment Trends to Inspire You in 2022

It may seem like you’re all good to go once your gorgeous new windows are installed, but that’s only the first step of the design process. Window treatments are an easy way to enhance the aesthetic of your home’s newest addition. While style trends for 2022 lean toward the sleek and modern, remember that the primary purpose of window treatments is function — they allow you to control privacy, temperature, and the amount of light in each room. But this doesn’t mean that design doesn’t factor into your decision, and the number of available options is simply staggering! Read on to learn the benefits of four popular choices for your home.

window-treatment-trends-detailShutters and Blinds

Slatted shutters or blinds are both durable and low-maintenance — they come in a wide range of wood types and colors to match the shade of the gorgeous wooden window frames you’ve already had installed by Gravina’s. Wooden slat blinds are the perfect choice for a timeless look with easy-care, while indoor shutters are similarly iconic and can create a sound barrier when crafted from solid hardwood. Both slat blinds and shutters offer complete privacy due to the intrinsically-opaque nature of wood.

For those with children or pets, between-the-glass blinds from Milgard offer a sleek, cord-free option that lets you control lighting and privacy at the press of a button.

Curtains and Shades

On the other hand, curtains and shades provide greater versatility in light control through layering and materials with light-blocking options. A double rod with both sheer and heavier curtains is an excellent choice for patio doors, but be sure to enhance the entire room by hanging them as high as possible to make the windows seem more extensive. Another option for window treatments is to install Roman shades: These elegant loops of material offer a clean and modern look — either corded or cordless — and work well in tight spaces where curtains might overwhelm the svelte windows.

If you’re now picturing these lovely window treatments in your own home, it’s the perfect time to talk to Gravina’s about installing beautiful and efficient window replacements. Schedule a free consultation today!

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