Style Tips: Bay and Bow Windows

As the weather warms up and flowers start to bloom, you may be thinking of making a few changes to your living space. Bay and bow windows are beautiful additions to your beloved home, but how can you best enjoy them for style as well as function? Whether you’re thinking window seat or breakfast nook, read on for a few ideas to make the most of those stunning Gravina’s® windows.Gravinas-Bay-and-Bow3

A quick refresher: Bay windows consist of three mulled panels that project from the home, while bow windows are a series of four or more windows that create a more rounded aesthetic. Traditionally, a bay or bow window includes a seat and a headboard built into the frame with additional insulation above and below. Not only does this offer a sturdy bench for relaxing, but it also makes for convenient and easy cleaning from the inside.


Windows with built-in settees beckon even reluctant readers to stretch out with a good book. Top the seat with a thick, comfy cushion and throw pillows in assorted sizes. Choose a color scheme that complements the natural beauty of the window frame itself: Try sea green, teal, and navy blue with painted white wood; caramel, apricot, and spice with maple; or even bright florals with walnut. Add a warm blanket and a coaster for a mug of tea then spend hours getting lost in fictional worlds. Bonus: This space is also perfect for kid cuddles while you watch the falling rain from the lovely warmth of your home.


Bay windows without a built-in seat often frame kitchen space to make an ideal breakfast nook for quick informal meals or afternoon snacks and homework. The key to a breakfast nook is proportion and balance — if the table and chair set is too large, the room quickly becomes stifling. However, if the furniture is too small, it may not seat more than a person or two. Look for bistro sets, banquettes, or dinettes for correctly-sized elegance. Protip: It’s easy to minimize clutter by hanging decorative and functional organizers or keeping a newspaper basket in the corner.

Whether your home already has bay windows or you’re leaning into a seasonal “remodel,” Gravina’s can help you create cozy nooks throughout your home to spend time with those you cherish most. Schedule your free consultation today to learn more!

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