The Benefits of Steel Siding: Meet Our Valued Manufacturers

Siding — the material that goes around your house to protect the walls of the structure from weather, rodents, insects, and mold — comes in various materials including vinyl, fiber cement, and steel. Each offers a particular set of benefits and a certain level of upkeep. The best siding for your beloved abode depends on your primary build, your environment, the home’s location, and your desired levels of care. At Gravina’s, we offer several siding manufacturers ranging from maintenance-free steel to fiber-cement and vinyl. Steel siding, in particular, emphasizes beauty, strength, and sustainability as an exterior material. Read on to learn more about the steel siding we can expertly install for your home.

In 1947, Alside founder Jerome Kaufman used hisalignnone observations about how paint bonded to the aluminum fuselages of World War II planes to invent residential baked enamel aluminum siding. The Ohio-based company now offers two steel siding patterns, Satinwood and Satinwood Select. Both products, roll-formed 29 gauge G-90 galvanized steel covered with PVC, are corrosion-resistant, non-combustible, and resistant up to 160 MPH winds. In addition, they are virtually maintenance-free with no caulking or sanding needed — just a quick rinse with a hose to keep the siding’s natural beauty.

Revere Building Products, a division of Gentek, emphasizes the superiority of steel siding against hail damage to maintain both the beauty and the structural integrity of your home. SuperGard Steel Siding with thick PVC coating surrounds your home with architectural elegance with options that include double four-inch Clapboard, double five-inch Dutch Lap, eight-inch Clapboard, or twelve-inch Vertical Board and Batten. Another product, PermaFinish Steel Siding, combines the cutting-edge material Galvalume® AZ-50 steel with Kynar® PVDF coating technology to protect against staining, dirt, and airborne pollutants as well as from the harshest of elements.


North Carolina-based PlyGem is a division of Cornerstone Building Brands, with over 70 years in the construction materials business. The company highlights how stylish steel siding can be. One aesthetic “plus” is that steel colors are fused with the panel, allowing designer colors to stay true. Also, steel panels lay flat and square even with the widest profiles, allowing a broad range of architectural possibilities. In addition, PlyGem is committed to being environmentally-friendly by minimizing waste, using up to 50% recycled materials and providing durable products that don’t require painting or staining — leading the way to a sustainable future.


Whether you’re replacing existing steel siding or want to explore the benefits of this low-maintenance option for your home, the experts at Gravina’s can walk you through each step, all the way through our guaranteed, no-hassle installation. Let us take care of your house the way it deserves — the way you take care of it. Contact us today for a free siding consultation!

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