Insulating Home Wrap: Like a Hug for Your Home

Coloradans revel in our year-round sunlight, soaking up the rays like lizards — even in the colder temperatures. Just like a living creature, your home needs multiple outer layers in order to effectively moderate air and moisture within the building’s structural components. Installed over the sheathing and behind the exterior siding, home wrap provides the exact material your home needs to stay dry and energy-efficient. Feel a little overwhelmed? Have no fear: The experts at Gravina’s® will help you determine the best wrap to pair with your quality siding.

What is Sheathing Wrap?

Housewrap, also known as home wrap, is a synthetic material that functions as a moisture barrier as well as an air barrier. All sheathing wraps fall into three basic types: asphalt felt, Grade D building paper, and synthetic housewrap. Whichever type you choose, it’s sealed carefully at the seams as your home’s last line of defense against moisture that can cause rot and mold. Homewrap offers strong protection without the need for high-maintenance upkeep.

To get the most out of a wrap, consider these seven factors: water resistance, air resistance, drainage, UV inhibitors, tear strength, temperature resistance, and vapor permeability. While the permeance and water resistance ratings of sheathing wraps vary significantly, how they are installed is far more important than the specific product used. The key is to always lap the sheathing wrap to shed water and to properly integrate the wrap with flashings so water is directed on top of the layer below.

Why Do I Need Home Wrap?

The primary goal of a home wrap is to protect a building’s frame and foundation from water. At the same time, the housewrap must be permeable enough to allow drying through the building’s exterior if the framing or sheathing should get wet. In addition, home wraps help with heating and cooling bills as they regulate temperature and provide efficient use and protection of energy. Housewraps are made to insulate and therefore eliminate the need for additional insulation — which saves you money as well.

No matter the weather, Gravina’s has you covered — literally! Our trained consultants and technicians will help you find the perfect material to “hug your home.” Call us today at (303) 472-8462 for a free estimate !

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