Trending Window Styles For 2021

Spring and summer are the prime seasons for window replacements in our beloved Denver, a city where sunny days and fresh mountain air go hand-in-hand! As you start the journey of choosing new panes and frames to uplevel your abode, consider this year’s top-trending styles.

Black Trim

Sleek black frames have been rising in popularity over the past few years, with a modern aesthetic that complements any home style to bring an elegant touch to both the interior and exterior. Go bold with chunky trim or keep it chic with thin frames — either way, this sophisticated look is sure to boost curb appeal and enhance your overall design.


Few styles are more stunning than a wall of windows — especially if your home flaunts scenic Colorado views! If your guiding principle is “the bigger the better” when it comes to design, floor-to-ceiling panes that stretch to cover the full height of your room are the way to go. Flood your home with breathtaking natural light — without seeing a spike in your utility bill — with our energy-efficient low E glass.

Window Seats

Charming and cozy, window seats are a vintage concept that has withstood the test of time. This style is ideal for breakfast nook areas or comfy reading corners — you’ll love getting cozy on rainy and sunny days alike. Most commonly seen with bay or bow windows for enhanced space and streamlined style, stock with pillows and blankets before nestling in with a steaming cup of tea. A window seat in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom will add to the space while enhancing the overall comfort of your home.

Mixed Finishes

Gone are the days of being limited to monochromatic schemes for your windows — one of the more recent trends, we are here for this stylish switch-up! Frames are traditionally matched with baseboards and wall trim for a seamless finish, but mixing up materials adds an eclectic edge that’s sure to make your home stand out. Ask about our wood windows for a farmhouse feel, or go with black windows as a stark and funky contrast against white vinyl frames.

No matter which style suits your fancy. Gravina’s offers the widest range of windows and manufacturers on the Front Range. Contact us today for a free estimate and get started on the windows of your dreams!

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