Types of Patio Doors

Patio season has finally arrived, and we can’t think of much we love more than merging our indoor and outdoor spaces to enjoy spring and summer days in Colorado. However, not all patio doors are created equal! With different styles and functions to fit the needs of your home, understanding your many options is all-important to your decision-making process. Read on to let Gravina’s help you find the perfect back door to enhance the ambiance of your patio — all while increasing the value of your home.



Sliding patio doors are the most common style among homes of all types. They are highly functional and optimized for the space around them, can be as small or as spacious as your home allows, and are installed with trim color in mind to most closely match your overall aesthetic. This door style is recommended for those who prioritize ease of use, low maintenance, and making the most of natural light.


French patio doors can be hinged either in the middle or on the outer sides of the doors, and open by swinging in or out. This classic style creates a farmhouse or countryside feel and has a plethora of customization options, from multiple panels to a variety of handles. Due to its swinging function, nearby interior space should be considered — this door style is best suited for open-concept rooms away from furniture and walkways.



Folding patio doors are the largest style and create the most spacious openings between indoors and out, with multi-panels that open by hinging on every other side and cinching together accordion-style. With a variety of finishes from wood to sleek black, this modern patio door option is perfect for Colorado’s 300 days of sunshine and letting that fresh air into your home.


No matter which style speaks to you, our experts will thoroughly explain all relevant factors and help guide you to the ideal patio door fit for your home. Contact us today and ask about our manufacturers for each available door!

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