Creating a Modern Home Exterior by Mixing and Matching Siding Styles

Your home’s exterior is a chance to offer a first impression to your neighborhood — it can tell people a lot about your personality and your stylistic tastes. Though color might feel like the only way you can differentiate your home’s exterior, in reality you’ll find a long list of paths to create a unique and sophisticated look! Read on to discover a few ways you can mix and match siding styles, textures, materials, and colors to draw interest and showcase your soul — all while increasing your home’s value.   

Swap Styles

If you’re a homeowner undertaking renovation projects, your interior is likely at the forefront of your minds. There’s no shortage of different materials, textures, finishes, and colors to choose from when it comes to bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms — but we could say the same about siding!

The wide world of siding contains an abundance of different styles that can make a lasting impact on your home’s appearance. The most popular varieties include clapboard, Dutch lap, beaded, shake, shingle, board and batten, and vertical. This can feel overwhelming, but your good friends at Gravina’s® are always available to help guide you through your journey.

Once you have your siding of choice picked out, it’s easy to start playing with materials and more to make your home’s exterior shine, mesh with your interior design, and complement your landscaping! You’ll have passersby oo-ing and ahh-ing before you know it.

Go Up, Down, and Side to Side

Want your home to really stand out on the block? One of the best and easiest ways you can visually break up your exterior — and add intrigue at the same time — is by going vertical in some spots and horizontal in others. While the majority of your home may stick with the popular horizontal Dutch lap style, your eaves can add a little folksy flair with vertical board and batten siding. This simple change can make your exterior appear well thought-out and luxurious, even if you don’t change the color between the two styles. 


Similarly, using different textures throughout your exterior can add dimension, drama, and a nice bump to your curb appeal for the future. Try experimenting with different options (and colors) to see how it creates a whole new personality for your home! 

And remember: Even when you mix and match different textures, you can still purchase the same color, material, and brand for each style. If your heart is set on a particular product — like the fire-resistant fiber cement siding by James Hardie — rest assured that our experts will help you match various styles to create a cohesive and durable look for your home. 

Is that an Accent?

Besides shaking things up with different textures and styles, one of the best ways you can add visual interest to your home is with pops of color. Mix light and dark shades, contrasting colors, or just go with something ever-so-slightly different than what you used elsewhere on your facade. Whether you choose to blend in with the breathtaking Colorado landscape or turn heads, we have everything you need to make your home’s exterior a true work of art! 

It’s a Material World

While you might want to do your entire project in vinyl, steel, fiber cement, or wood, you can also add a little bit of flavor to your design by incorporating different materials. One of our favorite styles? Strategically include engineered wood by LP Siding into your exterior to bring a touch of our Colorado mountain heritage into your neighborhood. 

No matter what materials, colors, or styles you choose, the Front Range’s best are here to make it happen for you! During your free consultation with Gravina’s, we’ll evaluate the condition of your current siding and work with you to find exactly what you need to bring your vision to life — and make sure it lasts for years to come. Call us to get started! We can’t wait to get to work.

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