Quick and Easy Curb Appeal

CurbAppeal1One of the best ways to create a lasting first impression with your home is to focus on the details. It’s important to pay attention to features like edging, color coordination, and hardware in order to present a unified outward appearance to your neighbors or potential buyers alike. Whether you’re sprucing up a house to sell or simply want to add lovely touches to your own home, read on for a few quick projects that are sure to boost your curb appeal and leave you with a striking and memorable facade.

Many home improvement resources correctly recommend painting your front door as a quick and easy facelift, but a thoughtful, long-term choice is to also invest in ab beautiful high-quality replacement. Gravina’s offers a wide range of stunning designs to take your entryway to the next level, from artistic glass and sturdy wood-grain vinyl to carved wood and minimalist bright colors that make your door pop. If you’re not quite ready to replace your door, consider upgrading small-but-important details like hinges, knobs, knockers, and kick plates for a completely like-new appearance.

CurbAppeal2Enhance the improved look of your door by making deliberate choices when it comes to your house number. If you don’t want to replace the actual physical numbers, try painting the full address on a planter — or even using separate pots for each number. Individual metal numbers can be attached to wooden planters, or use a dry paintbrush with white paint on number stencils for an artistic speckled look. While working with planters, add a few potted plants to your porch and walkway to make the space come alive with seasonal color.

In addition to the greenery, consider lining your walkway with carefully chosen lighting. You’ll want something bright enough to be functional but still energy-efficient and low-maintenance. Coordinate the lights to the texture or color of your front door hardware for a look that highlights your unique aesthetic all the way to the curb!

CurbAppeal3-214x300Showcase the home you love with these few quick improvements and be ready to accept allthe compliments from neighbors on their evening strolls. Contact Gravina’s today if you’re ready for a FREE consultation on everything from doors and windows to gutters and siding — we promise you’ll be thrilled by the results!

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