Choosing Steel Siding Is the Right Move For Your Home

gravina1When you’re replacing the siding of your beloved home, you want a product that increases your home’s value, decreases its need for maintenance, and reflects your unique style with solid curb appeal. Gravina’s is the company you trust with your windows and doors, but what about siding? Don’t worry! We’ve got you — and your house — covered. Comparing fiber cement siding (FCS) and steel siding highlights three points to demonstrate how steel edges out fiber cement for the win.

Both steel siding and FCS are known for their resilience, longevity, and attractiveness. Both are high-performance, flame-resistant, and withstand nature’s elements. These two types of siding are lower maintenance than wood or stone and more durable than aluminum or vinyl.

However, the overall benefit of steel siding lies in its composition. FCS combines sand, cellulose, and cement. This composite material will require re-sealing and repainting every three to five years if primed (15 years with ColorPlus.) In steel siding like Permafinish from Revere, nylon fiber added to the coating increases durability and resists stains, airborne pollutants, dirt adhesion, and mildew. In fact, steel siding repels fungus because it does not contain UVG-sensitive organic material that allows for mildew growth.

Another point in favor of steel siding is its environmentally-friendly footprint.gravina2 Steel siding is recyclable, for one thing. Steel promotes energy efficiency because it insulates surprisingly well, which cuts down on your heating and cooling bills. Steel is a neutral material that never leaches gasses or other pollutants into the environment. Many companies such as PlyGem ensure that their steel siding is produced with careful attention to maximum sustainability practices, minimizing waste and eliminating the need for the chemical runoff involved in exterior painting.

Just because you’ve chosen strong steel doesn’t mean your home has to look industrial. A third benefit to choosing steel siding is its wide variety of attractive appearances. Although FCS is available in many colors and can be painted to match the exact shade desired, Alside and other manufacturers take advantage of the fact that steel siding can take on the appearance of wood grain — so you have maximum design flexibility with your home’s exterior.

gravina3Whatever siding you choose, the experts at Gravina’s can help answer your questions, order the right style for you, and provide worry-free installation by professionals. Let us help you fashion the house of your dreams. Schedule a free consultation today!

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