Trendy Exterior House Colors

Trends in exterior house colors tend to change more slowly and gradually than the annual designer-favorite Pantone Color of the Year. While you can never go wrong with classic combinations like blue or gray with white trim or white with black trim, the past few years have seen popular paint schemes shifting toward statement-making palettes. Bright blues and greens, bold black and rich charcoal, and all varieties of warm white are more popular than ever for siding, trim, and door colors as we head into 2023. Take it from someone in-the-know: Benjamin Moore color marketing associate manager Nivara Xaykao says, “giving your siding a fresh coat of paint or adding a pop of color to your door rejuvenates the exterior and makes it a place where you want to hang out.” Read on for a few of these up-and-coming exterior looks as you consider elevating your home’s curb appeal.


Pop the Trim

Warm, earthy neutrals have become a trending interior color palette and are finally starting to make their way to exteriors. Shades of charcoal, clay, or stone will create the impression that your home blends into the environment in a unified aesthetic. Take it up a notch with a striking color like crimson on the trim of your neutral siding — you can even experiment with jewel tones against pale brown or pastel trim shades with dark charcoal siding.



Vibrant Greens

Rich green shades have been a go-to for homeowners in 2022. Green is a creative color that inspires thoughts of growth and adventure with evocations of jungle foliage or a calmer and more rejuvenating connection to the soothing qualities of nature. It may not be easy being green, but it’s always on-trend to show off your home’s creative vibe!


Classic Navy, Remixed

This traditional shade is “rounding the bend toward modern.” A longtime standby when it comes to exteriors, navy is ideal for both classic and contemporary facades. Deep blue, dark blue-gray, or even denim blue are all shades that pair well with contrasting accents of rich yellow, deep melon orange, or natural wood. Whether you want to capture a sea- or sky-inspired style, navy’s a sure bet.

Which colors appeal most to you? Don’t be afraid to try them out! The beauty of Gravina’s® is that we offer a wide range of finishes and colors — not to mention our trademark expert installation that will give you peace of mind that your house is being worked on by the pros. Contact us today  and take your home’s aesthetic to the next level.

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