Arts and Crafts for Fall Window Decorations

Autumn has finally come to Colorado, which means colorful trees, crisp mountain air, and steamy mugs of hot apple cider. If you ask us, this season is one of the most lovely to look at — that’s why having beautiful high-quality windows in your home doesn’t just mean less energy waste and drafts. It also means you have a better view of the world outside your home and more time to enjoy it!

Read on to discover a few easy DIY craft ideas you can try with the whole family to enhance your new view and celebrate the majesty of fall along the Front Range. 

Faux Stained Glass Decorations

Now that your windows are bright and clear, soak up the fall sunshine with a crafty take on stained glass ornaments! These adorable projects let your little ones’ creativity shine and can be made with easy-to-find materials like tissue paper, paint, glue, and empty picture frames. Plus, their masterpiece can be saved to put up next season or left up to enjoy and recall their small hands and excited giggles for years to come.  


Window Paint

This temporary-but-delightfully-sensory activity is sure to be a crowd-pleaser for the whole house — especially if you’ve opted to add a breathtaking picture or bay window to your renovation. Reminiscent of drawing on foggy windows, a washable window-friendly paint allows your family to add their unique seasonal touches to your home’s exterior. 

Try adding the classic hand turkey, leaves, Halloween monsters, and even word art to your windows to bring some seasonal pizzazz and delight your neighbors! 


Pressed Flowers and Leaves

For a mess-free but engaging decorative activity, first get out for a hike to soak up the crisp and fresh Colorado air while taking in the autumn sights. While on your outdoor adventures, keep everyone engrossed in their surroundings by having them hunt for leaves they can add to their windows. Up the difficulty level for older family members by having them search for specific colors or species of plants!

Finally, use either contact paper or clear picture frames to arrange your colorful finds and show them off in your windows for all to enjoy.


Festive Garlands

If you’d rather show off the spoils of your family’s hiking trip, keep it natural by making a gorgeous leaf garland for your windows. This simple craft only requires a few items and leaves you with a beautiful piece of the land to admire. Try stringing the leaves in the traditional horizontal fashion, or vertically for an effect that’s similar to beaded curtains. 

This project is ideal to maintain the view from your new windows while also enhancing your home — for your family and passers-by alike. If you’re eager to try these crafts with new and modern windows, we’re ready to help fulfill your home improvement dreams! Give your friends at Gravina’s a call at (303) 472-8462 to walk through your needs and budget, and we’ll fill you in on the 12+ premium brands we carry to find the ideal solution that will transform your space. Don’t wait — start now!

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