Your Essential Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Fall on the Front Range means cooler temperatures, pleasant weekends outdoors bundled in sweaters, and doing what we can to prepare for winter! Lucky for you, your friends at Gravina’s have you covered.

Ensure your home is ready to take on the elements and stay in tip-top shape during Colorado’s coldest months by tackling some of these key chores around the house.  


Check for Drafty Windows and Doors

When you’re spending more time indoors enjoying the ambiance you’ve created for your family, the last thing you want is ice-cold drafts draining the heat out of your home. Save your future movie nights and holiday get-togethers by replacing or repairing old windows and exterior doors.

Not only will your updated fixtures keep the warm air in and the cold out, but they’ll also ensure that Jack Frost doesn’t have a chance to sneak any snow indoors. Furthermore, you’ll also have the opportunity to invest in upgrades like e-glass, triple-pane windows from brands like Simonton Windows and Doors, or window glazes that will provide protection year-round. Contact us for help inspecting everything, or walk around your home with a candle in hand to find spots where it starts to flicker from the air. 


Winterize Your Landscaping

When left to the snow, wind, and ice all season long, your yard can take quite a bit of damage if it’s not prepped correctly — meaning more work for you come spring. Save yourself the hassle of trying to revive your landscaping later by cutting your grass short, draining your sprinkler systems and disconnecting hoses, pruning your shrubs and bushes, and clearing out weeds, leaves, and pine needles. 

Taking these measures will allow your plants to avoid mold, disease, and damage to ensure that they grow properly — even with limited resources. And once spring comes back our way, it will all be ready to thrive and flourish with very little help!


Clear Your Gutters

One of the easiest ways you can prevent water from leaking into your home or damaging your siding is by keeping your gutters clear. Cleaning them out after all the leaves have fallen during autumn — and then again in the spring once the threat of snow has passed — means you can ensure water is draining away from your home instead of into it.

Additionally, you should take this time to inspect your gutters for rust or damage — any holes can allow water to slip through and start rotting wood on your home’s exterior. Clean gutters also prevent mold, pungent smells, and insect problems in the spring and summer, so be sure to stay on top of this task!

If you need assistance inspecting your home this fall — or making updates that will improve your experience and extend the lifespan of your windows, doors, and siding — don’t hesitate to contact us! With 35 years of experience, we’ve seen it all and we’re happy to help you enjoy all of Colorado’s seasons without worrying about your home. We can’t wait to help bring you peace of mind!

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