The Benefits of Steel Siding: Meet Our Valued Manufacturers

Siding — the material that goes around your house to protect the walls of the structure from weather, rodents, insects, and mold — comes in various materials including vinyl, fiber cement, and steel. Each offers a particular set of benefits and a certain level of upkeep. The best siding for

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Oh Hail! Cleaning and Maintaining Your Home’s Siding

At Gravina’s®, we want nothing more than to see your siding succeed — and that dedication to our customers continues long after we finish our expert installation. As longtime industry vets, we know that taking some time once or twice per year to do a little maintenance on your siding

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A Guide to the Wide World of Siding

Everyone knows how important siding is to your home, from both a visual and functional perspective — but with all the different materials on the market these days, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when shopping for an upgrade. From the tried-and-tested to the technologically advanced, today’s siding options include a

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Patio Design Ideas to Level Up your Summer Lifestyle

It’s patio season along the Front Range, and nothing beats grilling and chilling with friends and family in the luxurious comfort of your backyard. While outdoor spaces often create a shared and lively atmosphere, they can also be a sanctuary where we come to find our peace. No matter your

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Avoiding the Risks of DIY Window Installation

We Coloradans are famous for our self-reliance — maybe it’s the lingering pioneer spirit, but we always take pride in what we’re able to achieve on our own. So when it comes to home improvements, it’s no surprise that Colorado homeowners like to take on tasks ourselves. However, that pride

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Give Your Home a Glow Up with Decorative Siding

While we know that a new coat of paint can freshen up old appearances, it’s the subtle — and oft-overlooked — textural aspect of your home’s exterior that may make the biggest difference. The right home siding will automatically boost both your home’s security from the elements as well as

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Three Innovative Window Options to Refresh Your Home

We’ve all heard that eyes are the windows to the soul, but what do the windows of your home reveal about you? Beyond providing security and insulation, windows bring comfort and life into our most intimate spaces through natural light and ventilation. Inevitably, after a few years of owning your

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Trendy Exterior House Colors

Trends in exterior house colors tend to change more slowly and gradually than the annual designer-favorite Pantone Color of the Year. While you can never go wrong with classic combinations like blue or gray with white trim or white with black trim, the past few years have seen popular paint

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Choosing Steel Siding Is the Right Move For Your Home

When you’re replacing the siding of your beloved home, you want a product that increases your home’s value, decreases its need for maintenance, and reflects your unique style with solid curb appeal. Gravina’s® is the company you trust with your windows and doors, but what about siding? Don’t worry! We’ve

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