In Colorado, little is better than stepping outside to watch your breath float away in the crisp fall air. As the weather cools, using simple tricks to keep chilly air out of your home can ensure your family experiences that fancy feeling in the great outdoors instead of in your living room. We’ve rounded up four simple and inexpensive ways to deter cold air from seeping through your doors and windows this season. Read on to find the method that works best for your home.


Lurking in the corners of your doorways is nippy autumn air that loves to let itself in. Block this unwelcome houseguest by sealing your doors with vinyl foam weather seal. For a modest price, the adhesive strip can be easily applied and removed while the squishy reverse side blocks chilly drafts. When placed around the top and sides of your external doors, your living spaces will remain toasty throughout the season. This is an excellent option for protecting the surface material of your doors, prolonging their life and performance.

Weatherstriping your doorways is also an effective quick fix that’s perfect for filling in any gaps or spaces that allow warm air to escape. Available in a variety of materials — like metal, rubber, can foam — it can be installed and removed according to your preferences. If you’re avoiding the hardware store these days, a tightly rolled bath towel placed around the bottom of your door can work in a pinch — acting as an environmentally friendly way to cut down on drafts.


The best parts of our homes are the nooks, crannies, and delightful details. Unfortunately, it’s in those spaces that frosty air can linger and reduce your home’s internal temperature. Consider the components of your window to get an idea of which method will perform best. Weatherproof your original windows with temporary caulk. The removable sealant is easy to install on your own and can be removed when you’re ready to open your windows again.

Insulated curtains serve as an attractive second line of defense against an icy breeze — allowing you to retain your home’s heat while adding style to your interior decor. Since the curtains work best when closed, they’re a stellar option for the basement or rooms you prefer to keep dimly lit. Insulated curtains are a year-round investment, as they can also be used to block heat rays from making your home a little too toasty. No matter the season, choose insulated curtains that compliment your decor and keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

While adhesive weather seals and charming curtains can make a dent in your energy bills and help keep your home at a comfortable temperature, there are no quick fixes for ill-fitting or inefficient windows and doors. Fortunately, we now offer zero-percent financing for window and door replacements with no down payment and no interest for 12 months. Protect your home from unwelcome winter drafts by chatting with an expert at Gravina’s. Give us a call at (303) 472-8462 or click here to start your free consultation.


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