Popular Holiday House Plants: Cultivate An Indoor Wonderland With Energy-Efficient Windows

Looking to exercise your green thumb this winter? Caring for these three festive houseplants will feed your inner gardener while adding bright and cheerful colors to your home. Attractive poinsettias, Christmas cacti, and peace lilies are easier to care for than you may think — especially with help from gorgeous and energy-efficient windows from Gravina’s. Continue reading to discover tips for maintaining a special holiday display.


With native roots in Mexico and Guatemala, poinsettias display brilliant red hues as a result of shorter days and chilly winter months. These holiday favorites are perfect for perching near your front door and windows as they offer a vibrant welcome to your home throughout the season. Poinsettias will thrive with about six hours of indirect sunlight each day — so while they may not be the best fit for framing bay windows, they’ll serve as an excellent complement to the nooks surrounding bow, casement, or sliding windows.

Christmas Cactus

Reaching up to three feet in length, the glossy branches of Christmas cacti are stunning when hung near your windows. Their elegant tiers of petals can range from white to pink to yellow and are easy to maintain. For best results, hang your cacti in an east-facing window that provides moderate light and a bit of direct sunlight. These hanging holiday plants flourish in a cooler and controlled indoor climate. Before committing to a permanent location for your prickly new friend, be sure to examine your window seals for places where cold air might be getting in. If you find chilly air creeping in, use these tricks to keep your cactus — and the rest of your home — cozy all winter long.

Peace Lily

Rich green and white hues give these leafy beauties the ultimate holiday charm. Add warmth to your living space by placing several plants near your home’s wide windows. Peace lilies will flower more or less depending on the amount of sunlight you allow to shine on your plant: Less light produces lush green leaves, while a larger dose of sunlight results in the iconic and eye-popping white leaves these lilies are known for.

The secret is out! Festive foliage can flourish all winter long with minimal effort, so we encourage you to begin your collection of holiday house plants today. If you find your windows are looking a little ragged next to all that holiday cheer or if you plan to expand your newfound hobby with a garden window, give us a call at (303) 472-8462 or schedule your free consultation today!

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