Preparing Your Home for Spring

Springtime brings beauty, rebirth, and a sense of renewal — but as we (and our homes) thaw from winter’s touch, a bit of maintenance is likely needed to ensure our exteriors are ready to receive the lovely weather to come. Read on for tips to help your home welcome the new season with open arms… err… windows.

Clear the Gutters

Fall and winter can wreak havoc on gutters due to high winds and cold temperatures that stuff the tubes with leaves then freeze them in place. Safely grab a ladder, your sturdiest working gloves, and get to scooping! Remove all debris and then rinse out with a hose for a squeaky-clean finish. Neglecting to clear out your gutters can result in buildup that causes the duct to break or block the flow of spring showers and draining ice melt — in extreme cases, this can cause leaks and water damage to your siding and foundation.


Wash the Windows

While interior window washing may be a part of your weekly cleaning routine, addressing the other side of the glass is a task that is commonly overlooked. Give your home a fresh facelift for spring by rinsing the exterior panes, ridding them of residue and increasing the flow of natural light into your home. Seasonal cleaning can also protect the glass from deterioration and damage down the road for longer-lasting shine and functionality. While you’re out there, take the opportunity to evaluate the condition of your windows, keeping an eye out for condensation between the panes, cracks or obstructions, or a warped frame. If it’s time to replace, give us a call !


Look After the Lawn

During the colder months, our outdoor spaces tend to get much less attention. Start the process by cleaning your grill, assessing the status of your soil and grass , and calling on a professional to get your sprinkler system up-and-running for summer. While you’re dusting off your lawn lounger set, take a peek at the patio door to ensure it’s still in tip-top shape. Start by clearing the track of dust and debris — then check the locks and screen before giving every piece a good scrub.


A nice, invigorating clean from the inside-out will energize your home for warmer weather while making sure everything is energy-efficient and maintaining function. Gravina’s® is always just a phone call away for any of your window, door, or siding replacement needs!

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