Recycling Your Holiday Decorations for Trendy Year-Round Style

It’s always a sad day when you have to say goodbye to festive holiday decorations — especially when you put in all that effort crafting the perfect look. Wishing there was an easy way to keep little pieces of Christmas around all year long? With a few strategic tips, you can repurpose that festive flair, separate the reds and greens, and keep spreading cheer in your home long after the season ends.

Year-Round Wreaths

Many adorn their windows and doors with these classic decorations, making them a mainstay of the holiday season — and while it’s tempting to simply pack them away for next year, they can serve long past their typical Jan. 1 expiration date. Once you remove the tinsel and ornaments, a festive wreath transforms into a fresh, farmhouse-style statement piece to complement many areas of your home. Create a focal point in your den or living room by hanging it above the mantle, or bring brightness to your kitchen by attaching it to the oven hood. Whatever you choose, don’t ditch your festive flourishings just yet. Let them live on as timeless classics in your home!


Repurpose Candles

Few items say “the holidays” classier than candles. When placed in front-facing windows, they’re a simple way to ring in the season while adding a cozy hue to your home’s ambiance from the inside-out. Keep the traditions alive by consolidating them to create a centerpiece you’ll enjoy for months to come. Whether you opt for a straightforward arrangement with simple greens or take your repurposing to the next level by incorporating craft beer bottles, you’ll delight in your table’s fresh look. While you’re gathering the necessary supplies from the window sills, take a second to gauge the temperature to ensure no cold air is sneaking in. Remember: An energy-efficient home is a happy home — especially during Colorado winters. Post-holiday cleanup is the perfect time to start addressing any maintenance tasks you may have been putting off.


Multipurpose Cardholders

We bet your mailbox has been brimming with holiday greetings from near and far all season long, but that doesn’t mean you have to stow away your card holder when the letters cease. Why limit displaying your memories to just a month or two? Whether you rock a DIY piece or a family heirloom frame, use it all year long as an inspirational mood board, picture collage, or office bulletin board — that way you’ll keep the kind words of family and friends nearby whenever you need a pick-me-up. Protip: Pin that repurposed wreath from earlier to your chicken wire frame for a double-recycled decor whammy!

We hope that you’ll take these tips to heart and keep the spirit alive and thriving throughout your home — even after the season officially ends — with some of these reimagined holiday favorites.

As you take down those decorations, be sure to give Gravina’s® a call if you find any gaps where unwelcome winter air is finding its way around your windows and doors. On the other hand, if a whole new look for your home was the one item from your wish list not granted this year, we’re here to help with free estimates, virtual consultations, and 0% financing and no down payment on window and door replacement for 12 months. Click here to get started.

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