Give Your Home a Glow Up with Decorative Siding

While we know that a new coat of paint can freshen up old appearances, it’s the subtle — and oft-overlooked — textural aspect of your home’s exterior that may make the biggest difference. The right home siding will automatically boost both your home’s security from the elements as well as its overall appearance — that’s why Gravina’s® offers plenty of dynamic options. But how will you choose the perfect fit for your style and needs? Read on to discover a few ways to give your home a polished feel and even help increase resale value


Texture is an important feature when considering siding, as it adds contrast and balance to create visual interest and a beautifully long-lasting look. For those seeking to add a little rustic charm, look no further than Timberbay Vinyl Shake Siding from ProVia for the aesthetic of an authentic cedar shingle (without the continual upkeep of actual wood). If you’re in the market for the real thing, LP Smart Side Lap Siding offers that stunning traditional cedar wood texture with an easy-to-maintain finish. Handsome and durable, this siding uses 16-foot boards that result in fewer visible seams and less jobsite waste — a feature that won their manufacturer a Green Builder Media’s Most Sustainable Siding Supplier award. 



Sometimes siding is best applied as an accent to a particular area you’d like to appear a little more crisp. When using siding to feature the carved details of your home — such as soffits or eaves — one of the best ways to see returns on your investment is to choose fiber cement siding from industry leader James Hardie. Your neighbors will be oohing and aahing when they see one of the many prefinished color options and textures such as woodgrain, smooth, or stucco for a texturally-rich visual layer. Accent siding stands out while drawing the eye to your home’s other unique features, emphasizing its character and boosting its curb appeal.



If you’re ready to take your facade to the next level, a popular trend that’s gained traction in recent years is the chic and editorial monochrome look. These days, more and more people are turning to the tone-on-tone approach to produce a calm and modernist feel. A good monochrome style will have your shutters, trim, doors, and exterior paint share one clean and consistent look — but consistency is not the only style. Mixing textures can create a big impact, like the way LP Smartside Lap Siding pairs well with brick or stone. Mixing textures keeps your overall look from falling flat and can make any color palette pop. To upgrade beyond primary colors, discover the James Hardie Statement Collection that includes enticing shades such as Evening Blue, Rich Espresso, and Countrylane Red among your many choices. 

If you’re building a custom home from scratch or giving your current abode’s exterior a much-needed update, it’s smart to consider some of the latest trends when freshening up. Whether you desire an eye-catching texture or want to bask in the harmony of a single color of your choice, Gravina’s offers the most modern siding options that are sure to revamp your exterior style. Get in touch today — we can’t wait to help make your dream home a reality! 


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