Using Contrasting Colors to Accentuate Your Home’s Exterior Design

Whether you know it or not, your home’s exterior has a story to tell. Your siding, your windows, and even your doors give your neighborhood insight into your tastes, personality, and how the interior of your home might look. More importantly, it sets the stage for you and your guests every day — but it can be overwhelming to keep up with the latest trends and options, especially when the market is so flooded with fantastic products.

That’s where your friends at Gravina’s® come in. Read on to see how using contrasting colors in your exterior can effortlessly boost your home’s value and curb appeal while showcasing what makes you so unique.  

Style Your Trim and Siding

Try adding visual intrigue and sophistication to your home with contrasting siding and trim colors. Mix warm tones with cool tones, darks with lights, experiment with complementary colors, and even try different siding textures to make each and every gable and wall draw the eye! 

When done right, the color combo and siding style you choose can be the cherry on top of your interior design. Whether you’ve chosen a minimalist look, a cozy cabin or cottage setup, or a sweet modern farmhouse, your trim and siding can take your style to the next level and make your home feel truly complete.

For a more subtle (but still elegant) look, try choosing siding and trim colors from the same family — but three to four shades different from each other. This look will stay classic throughout trend or taste changes but will still make onlookers stop and admire your home.  

Elevate Your View

Window casing and trim color can often be overlooked when it comes time to make replacements, but this simple piece of your home does far more than let the sun in and keep the elements out. Against light siding and trim, dramatic black window casing can add a sophisticated and well-thought-out look to your exterior. The window style can also dictate how much color the outside world sees. Start browsing inspiration from Kolbe to see all the possibilities your windows can hold! 

Accent it All With Your Doors

Once you have your siding, trim, and windows picked out for your project, try adding an accent or pop of color with your door. Throwing in a cheerfully-colored front door can be a fun and easy way to add a little bit more personality and make your entryway feel welcoming and bright. It’s one of the easier things to change later if you’d like something more subdued, and it’s less likely to go in and out of style throughout the years. Lucky for you, our vast inventory of quality doors from brands like ThermaTru has no shortage of exquisite colors and styles to match your vision.

An added bonus? This delightful addition to your home makes it an easy landmark for all of your visitors! Throw out the house numbers and complicated directions and let your guests know you’re “the house with the blue door.”

Lots to think about, right? If you need help parsing through your endless options, reach out to get our expert opinion on the right materials, styles, and color choices that will make your home its best by scheduling your FREE consultation. We’ll make sure your home will delight you and your whole neighborhood for years to come!

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