Keeping Your Colorado Home Cool on the Hottest Days of the Year

It’s August, which means that the summer heat has well and truly arrived in Colorado! If you and your wallet are both starting to sweat, it’s possible that your home could use some changes. Have no fear: We’ve collected a few pointers to help you learn how the right windows, doors, and treatment choices can save you money while improving your comfort at home.

Windows are the Key

If you’re starting to notice that your AC is running harder and longer even when it’s not particularly hot outside, the biggest culprit is usually your windows. Even when your cooling unit is in tip-top shape, there’s only so much it can do when hot air can make its way inside through old, leaky, or poor-quality windows.   

Though we could spout off a long list of risks to having shoddy windows on your home, the main two you’ll need to worry about in the summer are a very large and expensive energy bill and the additional stress being put on your AC unit. The last thing you want during a heat wave is a burned-out unit and a long wait for repairs or a new machine! 

Replacing your windows with quality brands — and help from the experienced installers at Gravina’s® — can make a major difference right away. 

Vinyl windows from manufacturers like Great Lakes Windows are durable and created to conduct less heat from the frame. Aside from the framing, manufacturers also offer windows that have lower heat flow, gain less heat, or have low emissivity to reflect harmful UV rays and heat away from your home. For added security, durability, and insulation, you can also upgrade from two-pane windows to three-pane. 

Treat Yourself

After you upgrade your home’s windows, you can still take more steps to cool off your home on days when the sun’s rays feel especially unrelenting. Your new energy-efficient windows will do a lot of the heavy lifting, but adding curtains, shades, or shutters to your home can really help cool down your spaces. 

Total light-blocking curtains can keep the sun out entirely and are often heavy enough to also reduce drafts and heat transfer. If you still want to keep a little of the sun’s light in your home, stylish treatments like zebra blinds are a good middle ground option.  

Don’t Forget Your Doors

Anyone with a drafty door knows exactly how quickly they can impact your home’s climate — luckily, investing in a quality storm door can help your wallet all year long! Just like your replacement windows, storm doors can be outfitted with low-emissivity glass to keep the heat away and protect your interior from the sun — plus any other severe weather that we Coloradans know is always a factor in the Denver Metro Area. Well-insulated and properly-installed doors can also prevent drafts, leaks, and heat transfer.

And don’t forget about the entrance to your patio — when exposed to the elements or improperly maintained, these doors can quickly ruin your home’s contained climate. Older door models may not have the perks of new glass treatments and may actually help increase the sun’s power and heat during the day. Not ideal! Schedule a free consultation with our team to find out if your doors are an energy drain in your home and see how you can easily upgrade to more convenient and eco-friendly styles.No matter what kind of work needs to be done, you can be sure that our 35+ years of experience will ensure it’s done right so you can save money and live comfortably even when temperatures start to skyrocket. Call or text (303)-472-8462 to learn more about all of our energy efficient options — we can’t wait to have you relaxing in style all year long.

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