Three DIY Ways to Update Your Windows

While you spend more time at home in the coming weeks, you’ll want to see as much of the sun as possible. Fortunately, you’ll find it easy to bask in the sun by giving your windows a simple update that you can do on your own. Read on to customize each design idea to fit your family’s unique taste and get ready to enjoy your new favorite place in the house.

Bench Seat

Starting with a stunning canvas is the key to creating a one-of-a-kind retreat in your home — find inspiration for your project by exploring our designer options. When it comes to your bench, choose furniture that’s the right size and shape to be placed in front of your window with ease. For added seating in your room, opt for pieces with wheels that can be maneuvered around and arranged to your liking. Pro tip: Including side tables to hold your coffee while you read will give your window seat a luxe look with the added convenience to match. To complete the coziest of vibes, we recommend including a few variously sized throw pillows and one or two cozy blankets to curl up with while you relax.

Beautiful BookcasesUntitled-design

Give your windows a new lease on life with a few fun and simple steps that you can do by yourself. Remember: It’s important to start with a solid foundation, so it’s best to assess the condition of your windows and trim before beginning. Find a problem? Not to worry — simply contact Denver’s experts. Once you’ve determined that you’re building on a strong base, find inspiration for giving your windows a stunning new look in these creative bookcases. Built-in bookcases are a fantastic way to add height to a room by stretching them all the way to the ceiling. For an extra fun touch, add a fairytale-like ladder to reach the top shelf reserved for your precious reads. Plus, you can increase your home’s storage space by incorporating shelving on the lower levels to hold larger items.

Creative CurtainsUntitled-design

Short on time between remote work and home-schooling responsibilities? Trust us: It’s quick and simple to update your indoor window treatments with these clever and sophisticated options. From coffee sack curtains to hanging mason jar flower vases, there’s plenty to choose from among these budget-friendly DIY options. Best of luck with your spring window spruce up! If you run into any problems along the way, please know that Gravina’s Windows and Siding is here to help you keep your home beautiful and energy efficient. If you’re up for sharing, we’d love to see your finished windows — tag us on Facebook and Instagram to be featured!

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