Gravina’s Gorgeous Glass Window Options

While considering which windows will look and perform best in your home, take time to learn about the features and functions of each design. Keep in mind that your choice of glass is just as important as the window hardware and exterior wood finishes — and we’re here to help you choose the best fit for your budget and style.

Continue reading to learn how quality glass options can help you save money on your monthly utility bill, reduce noise, and transform the feel of your space.

Consider Your Needsmodern-exterior1-glassblogpost6

Your journey to installing stunning windows begins with assessing your home’s needs. First, consider your top priorities:

  1. Does appearance top your list?
  2. Are you looking to invest now and save on cooling and heating costs for years to come?
  3. Is noise reduction your chief concern? 

Remember to also factor in your home’s climate zone, sun exposure, and window size and placement to make a well-informed choice that will enhance your home for years to come. With guidance from our professionals, learn how to give your windows a boost in energy efficiency by following a few simple steps at home. Planning a larger project or a completely new look? Before you get started, chat with our experts about how our available financing options can fit your budget.

Understand Your Options

Getting familiar with basic window lingo can help you navigate your buying options with ease and confidence. To keep your home cool during the summer months, consider Low E glass — complete with a heat-reflectant metal oxide that’s applied to the surface of these windows. For another heat-stopping choice, argon and krypton are dense gases that, when injected between the panes, create an insulated layer that blocks ultraviolet rays and slows the transfer of heat through the window. Remember that gas-infused glass can be sensitive to altitude and requires continuous testing for durability and safety! Attached to every new window you’ll find the NFRC sticker, which indicates how your window will perform when it comes to energy efficiency.

Choose Your Designglassblogpos6_19

With more than a dozen available window styles at Gravina’s®, choosing the design that matches your home’s overall aesthetic is easy. Before diving into specific styles, finishes, and colors, be sure that the shape and size of your new windows will fit the allotted window space at home. When you’ve identified the perfect match, delight in the designer details of our industry-leading manufacturers. Achieving the perfect pairing of internal and external materials, colors, and finishes can give your home a show-stopping appearance — you can even elevate your choice by opting for etched glass, between-the-glass grids, sound control, or privacy glass. When you’ve curated the ultimate combination of energy-efficient glass and attractive window design, consider adorning your windows with everything from blinds to decorative panels.

Whether you combine Low E glass with your single-hung window style or add argon between the panes of your casement window, we’re excited to help you craft the exact look and performance you’ve been dreaming of at Gravina’s Windows & Siding. Call us today at (303) 472-8462 or schedule your free consultation online.

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