Spotlight: ProVia Siding

Ready for a stylish upgrade? ProVia siding effortlessly blends elegance and endurance to enhance your home’s exterior. When you shop at Gravina’s®, you’ll find two stellar siding options to choose from: CedarMAX and HeartTech siding are both industry standouts when it comes to durability, energy efficiency, and design options. These choices are perfect for Colorado, as both materials are engineered to endure a range of weather conditions. Continue reading to discover why ProVia siding is right for your home.

Weather Resistance

Engineered to withstand fluctuating weather conditions, ProVia’s sturdy vinyl-based material is an excellent choice for Colorado homes. During the rainiest months, you’ll feel confident knowing your siding repels moisture to keep your home cozy and dry, and its impact-resistant technology provides long-term durability. Plus, their unique formulation is a PVC (vinyl) that does not ignite quickly and is inherently flame-retardant — making them a fantastic option for protecting your investment long-term. No matter your location, CedarMAX and HeartTech siding helps guard your home from potential damage caused by fluctuating weather.


Upkeep is a breeze with CedarMAX and HeartTech siding. Their lightweight-yet-strong material can be cleaned with gentle tools like mild detergent, soft-bristle brushes, and your garden hose. Skip repairs from natural wear and tear by opting for ProVia’s low-maintenance products. With dependable materials that resist long-term erosion, painting, caulking, and resealing are tasks of the past. You’ll love being able to focus on having fun at home instead of giving your siding constant touch-ups.

Energy Efficient

ProVia’s specially designed materials are suitable for Colorado’s most extreme conditions. In the winter months, ditch the pricey heating bills with CedarMAX insulated vinyl siding. Your home will stay toasty with the help of lasting insulation that prevents warm air from escaping during rain and snowfall. For homes in Western or Southern Colorado that can experience harsh heat, HeartTech’s Super Polymer siding is the ideal option. Its unique Super Polymer formulation takes heat reflection to a whole new level, with anti-weathering materials that are blended together to create unparalleled protection from the elements. Along with conserving energy, this special formula will also save you money on your cooling bills. By selecting the optimal ProVia siding for your home’s location, you can lower your energy bills without giving it another thought.


Manufactured with anti-fade technology, enjoy top-of-the-line performance and eye-catching curb appeal. Available in 30 colors, you’ll find the long-lasting hue of your dreams among ProVia’s three unique collections. Easy installation and coordinating accessories provide a polished look so you can tailor your exterior design to your unique taste. The only thing you’ll have left to do is choose the rest of your home’s outdoor decor. With help from our experts, it’s fun and easy to shop for affordable replacement siding. We provide easy installation of ProVia’s durable and energy-efficient materials, and offer design combinations to leave your home looking flawless. For more information, schedule your appointment online or give us a call at (303) 472-8462.

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