Colorado Colors: Trending Tones for Your Doors, Windows, and Siding

Exterior designers agree that the quickest way to keep your Colorado home’s exterior on-trend is by applying a fresh coat of paint to your doors, windows, and siding. While choosing your new hues, draw inspiration from your home’s character and natural surroundings. However — with virtually endless color combos to choose from, it can be hard to know exactly where to start. To help you decide which color combos are right for your home, we’ve rounded up the most popular shades that designers are confident will remain trendy for years to come.

Decorative DoorsG1

Before choosing your paint, consider your home’s architecture to create a stunning entrance. To craft a welcoming entryway, exterior designers also suggest drawing inspiration from your home’s location. Fortunately, Colorado is bursting with brilliant color year-round to spark your creativity. Decorate your door with unexpected turquoise, brilliant yellow, or deep orange to reflect the state’s iconic color palette. If you have a hard time deciding between your top options — or need to come to a compromise — invent your own hue or pair your favorites together for a multi-colored entrance.

Whimsical WindowsG2

Keep your home on-trend with playful windows. While browsing swatches and paint samples, compare your choices with your home’s siding to create consistency among your exteriors. The warmth of wood and vinyl siding pairs perfectly with deeper, nature-friendly shades. Brick red, deep lavender, and aquamarine are excellent choices for modernizing decades-old homes and keeping brand-new ones up-to-date with the latest trends. Take your windows to the next level by combining two tones. Different shades of the same color — or two complementary shades — instantly make your home stand out from the rest. Repeat this pattern on your internal frames to draw attention to your windows and update your interior decor. Opting for jewel tones and dual colors keeps your windows eye-catching for years to come.

Striking SidingG3

Colorful Colorado offers a breathtaking array of hues to help you choose the right color for your home. Whether you reside in a bustling city or a charming rural area, play on your environment with cool grays, slate blues, and sage greens. Selecting humble hues inspired by nature adds curb appeal to your home while staying true to its classic Colorado setting. Add a modern touch to your siding by considering monochromatic colors — when combined with your freshly-painted doors and windows, understated colors for your durable siding add consistency to your exterior design. Classic brown, bright white, and almond are among Gravina’s siding selections and sit comfortably atop the list of the trendiest shades for 2021. Be the first to take advantage of the new decade’s unexpected siding trend — matte black. With black siding and colorful combinations applied to your windows and doors, your home will be the talk of the block.

Whether your style is effortlessly earthy or wonderfully wild, create the color combo that suits your taste by shopping our selection of trendy tints. Jewel tones and unexpected hues — inspired by Colorado’s trademark palette — reflect your setting and bring your home to life with a pop of color. Gravina’s is here to help you make the right choices for your unique home. Chat with our knowledgeable team of experts and schedule an appointment by calling us at (303) 472-8462.

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