Mile-High Hues: Your Guide to Transforming Your Home

As we usher in 2024, the world of home design is abuzz with exciting new color trends. Many leading paint companies and trend forecasters have unveiled their “color of the year,” inspiring homeowners to refresh their spaces with the latest and greatest hues. Read on to discover chic 2024 home colors that are not only ideal for our beloved home state of Colorado, but that also find their perfect match in siding options from our most recommended brands at Gravina’s®.

Serene Viridis Bliss

Colorado’s 300+ days of sunshine often means living in a verdant world of flora, and Viridis green brings that same calming and refreshing organic vibe to your home. James Hardie’s “Mountain Sage” captures the essence of serene Viridis bliss, blending seamlessly with Colorado’s natural landscapes. When you can’t make it over to the Botanic Gardens during the snowy months, you’ll have this at-home green oasis around you everywhere you look!

Blue Nova Elegance

Deep, moody Blue Nova adds a touch of sophistication and mystery reminiscent of the transition between the gentle Front Range and the striking Rocky Mountains. Alside’s “Harbor Blue” mirrors the richness of Blue Nova, creating a statement exterior that stands out against Colorado’s dramatic topographic backdrop. It’s also just a classy and iconic color sure to make heads turn in your neighborhood!

Persimmon Dreams

Soft terracotta tones evoke a sense of the earthiness of Colorado’s plains and deserts — a spirit beautifully represented through the color Persimmon. Ply Gem’s “Russet Red” perfectly captures the soft warmth of Persimmon, creating a welcoming facade that complements the natural beauty of Colorado’s rich and varied landscape. This is an ideal option to contrast with a cooler trim or front door colors on your home, a choice that’s sure to make a stunning impression on visitors and passers-by alike.

Cracked Pepper

Dusty black hues bring a touch of dark romance, fashionable style, and elevated warmth to home exteriors. LP Building Solutions “Abyss Black” offers a darker aesthetic for siding, infusing homes with a bold-yet-subtle mood. When your home itself feels like a black-tie affair, it’s impossible not to live life with a sense of elegance and poise!

Coastal Bay Blue

This calming Bay Blue exudes modernity and sophistication, adding a distinguished look to wooden features. James Hardie’s “Boothbay Blue” provides a soothing alternative, delivering a peaceful and inviting look that pairs well with the architectural diversity — and clear blue skies — found throughout Colorado. You may be located in our mountainous home state, but opting for this color will make you feel like you’re relaxing and watching the sun set behind the waves.

While these chosen color trends are undoubtedly stylish, some may prefer classic options for their Colorado homes. For those seeking enduring sophistication, consider James Hardie’s “Light Mist” or LP Building Solutions’ “Tundra Gray.” These timeless hues not only complement the natural beauty of Colorado, but also offer a versatile and refined canvas for your home. All these choices may feel overwhelming, but we’re always here to help — contact Gravina’s® to explore a diverse range of options that seamlessly merge with your preferred aesthetic. Our experts are ready to guide you through the perfect color and siding choices. We can’t wait to take your home to the next level!

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