Brighten Your Home: Houseplant Window Display Ideas

As February’s chill lingers and thoughts of springtime beckon, why not bring a touch of greenery indoors to lift your spirits? Houseplants not only add life and vibrancy to your home but also contribute to a healthier indoor environment. Read on to discover creative display ideas for both real and faux plants — all complemented by various window styles to enhance your home’s aesthetics and functionality from brands most recommended by our team here at Gravina’s®.

Window Herb Garden

Make the most of Colorado’s stunning natural surroundings by the energy of our home state’s beautiful flora inside your home. Utilize your kitchen windowsill or a sunny corner to create a charming herb garden by installing a shelf or using hanging planters to grow fresh basil, rosemary, and mint. Lincoln Windows’ casement windows provide excellent ventilation for herbs, while their bay windows offer ample space and sunlight for a diverse collection of flavor enhancers.

Vertical Garden

Maximize your living space and connect with the Centennial State’s native beauty by incorporating a vertical garden. Hang planters or wall-mounted shelves near large picture windows from Pella to create a striking display of cascading greenery, or opt for low-maintenance trailing plants like pothos or spider plants for easy care and upkeep.

Succulent Arrangements

Transform your living space into a serene sanctuary by arranging succulents in chic planters. Experiment with different heights and textures to craft a captivating botanical arrangement that complements your interior design aesthetic. Kolbe Windows & Doors’ awning windows not only provide optimal ventilation and sunlight, but also serve as the perfect backdrop for showcasing your lush greenery.


Embrace the charm of miniature landscapes with glass terrariums filled with moss, ferns, and small succulents. By positioning them near a window such as JELD-WEN’s Single-Hung windows, they can benefit from indirect sunlight and create a captivating focal point in any room. These terrariums not only add a touch of nature but also infuse your living space with tranquility, echoing the serene landscapes of Colorado’s outdoors.

Window Box Gardens

Install window boxes outside your home’s windows to cultivate seasonal blooms and foliage, bringing a touch of your favorite flora to your exterior. Choose window styles like Andersen Windows & Doors double-hung or gliding windows that provide easy access for watering and maintenance. Mix and match colorful flowers and trailing vines to enhance your home’s curb appeal, creating a welcoming facade that harmonizes with Colorado’s breathtaking vistas.

Faux Plant Accents

For those with limited time or sunlight, consider high-quality faux plants as part of your decor. Place them on floating shelves or in decorative pots on windowsills to include a pop of green without the need for watering or sunlight. Garden windows are an easy way to bring the outdoors in while offering the perfect perch for lifelike faux plants.



By integrating houseplants into your home decor and selecting the right window styles with our help, you can create a serene and inviting indoor oasis year-round. Whether you opt for real plants or faux foliage, let your creativity flourish as you bring nature indoors to brighten even the dreariest of February days. Ready to bring these houseplant display ideas to life with sleek, modern windows? Reach out to us at Gravina’s® by calling (303) 472-8462. Let’s discuss your needs and budget and explore our selection of 12+ premium brands to find your perfect solution. Don’t delay — transform your space today!

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