Vinyl Siding

Dr Double-HungVinyl Siding – There are several grades of vinyl panels on the market today. Most of the newer vinyl siding panels are stronger than ever withstanding most weather conditions. In comparison to older or inferior panels most new panels are less likely to crack and become brittle. In Colorado, high grade vinyl will resist damaging ultra violet rays better over low grade vinyl. To increase energy efficiency insulate behind each panel. In most cases we install vinyl panels over existing siding in order to keep the extra layer of insulation. Vinyl offers the widest range of factory colors. Vinyl siding is low maintenance. To clean vinyl siding we recommend spraying with a hose twice a year. Vinyl is mid-range in price, it will be more than aluminum and less than steel. Lifetime warranties are available in most lines.

Here are a few advantages of vinyl siding:

Lower Energy Costs – Vinyl siding is energy efficient and additional insulation is available.

Maintenance – Vinyl siding is virtually maintenance free.

Cost – Vinyl siding is priced in the middle tier and works well for most every application.

Superior Construction – The panels are stronger than ever withstanding most weather conditions.

Variety – Vinyl siding is available in many colors and styles.

The best way to see what siding will work best for your home is to get a free in-home consultation, which you can schedule right now.

Our certified consultants will show you different designs from many different manufacturers so that you can choose the best siding for the price that fits your budget.

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Vinyl Siding Exterior

Vinyl Siding Exterior

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