French Doors

Dr Double-HungFrench doors hinge and swing open. They can swing to the inside or outside. The panels can hinge in the center or outside. Outside hinges allow for maximum clearance. French doors are available in standard or custom sizes. French doors are available in 2, 3, and 4 panels. French doors have active and inactive panels. Single operating where one panel is fixed are known as atrium doors.

Multi-locking systems add enhanced security and efficiency. Sliding or hinged screens available for in-swing doors. Cleaning must be performed from inside and outside. Door handles available in several finishes including brass, nickel, bronze, and more! Key locks are available for exterior entrance capability.

Blinds between the glass are offered in select manufacturing lines.

The best way to see which french doors will work best for your home is to get a free in-home consultation, which you can schedule right now.

Our certified consultants will show you different designs from many different manufacturers so that you can choose the best french doors for the price that fits your budget.

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French Door