Upgrade Your Front Door Décor

Nothing makes a home stand apart from the crowd like a bold and beautiful entryway. Luckily, you can easily make a statement by tailoring your front porch to your family’s unique style. In this post, we’ve highlighted simple tips and tricks to help you design a front entrance that’s sure to give your home’s curb appeal an instant boost.

Do It Yourselfdoor-decor-2

Make a stellar first impression with DIY door décor. By adding a crafty touch to your doorway, you’ll be able to adapt your look to the changing seasons. In the summertime, create a colorful arrangement using potted plants, reclaimed furniture, or an aromatic herb garden. As the weather cools, design a festive display using wood logs, cozy blankets, and vintage ski equipment. Grab your kiddos and elevate your door with charming additions you can craft together. Use upcycled materials — such as bicycle wheels or antique cameras — to transcend the common front door wreath. You’ll have a blast learning new techniques and showing off your DIY skills to your neighborhood.

Use Pretty Paint

Once you’ve decided on the theme of your entryway, decorate your door with eye-popping color. Whether you prefer an exotic or muted color palette, the experts suggest painting your door according to your home’s style and character. Use color to make your home stand out and flaunt your family’s personality. To create cohesiveness throughout your home, choose your hues based on your interior décor and consider painting your back door the same color as the front. In the mood to skip the heavy lifting? Here at Gravina’s, you’ll find a range of budget-friendly replacement door designs that feature optional pet doors, locking systems, designer glass, and decadent finishes.

Choose the Right AccentsUntitled-design-2020

Even small additions like adding modern house numbers are a fantastic way to liven up your entryway. To really make your home stand out among the rest, consider adding accent rugs, stunning wall sconces, or decorative vegetation with eye-catching designs that reflect your home’s unique vibe or location. Ultimately, nothing adds eye-popping curb appeal like a new front door. Add value and energy efficiency to your home by opting for affordable entry doors from Gravina’s. Just a few of the benefits of our breathtaking entry doors are:

  1. Multiple materials to choose from — including fiberglass, steel, and real wood
  2. Insulated options to boost your home’s energy efficiency
  3. Virtually endless hardware finishes available for more personalization

With these stellar design tips, your home’s front entrance will be the talk of the block. And if you’re in the mood to start your entryway makeover with a brand-new front door, call us at (303) 472-8462 to discuss how we can help create the entryway of your dreams.

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