Home Renovation Projects Worthy of Your Time — and Money

The population of the Centennial State is rapidly growing, with more and more people moving to the Denver area to enjoy the sunny skies, easy access to exciting mountain adventures, and one of the country’s best craft beer scenes. With this expansion comes rising property values and the appeal of buying a home that might need a little love — but which renovation projects are worthy of your attention as a new homeowner and will provide you with a solid return on your investment? Read on to find out.


You won’t find anything that makes you reconsider your recent purchase like an ever-present draft. While it’s tempting to save this project for later — opting instead to focus on smaller concerns like new paint and appliances — once the utility bill arrives, you might be singing a different tune. Not only can old windows account for up to 30% of your heat loss, but gaps around poor-fitting windows can release more heat than your heating system can generate. By beginning your renovation project with energy-efficient replacement windows, you’ll stay nice and warm while generating savings to use on future home improvement projects.


The old saying “out of sight, out of mind” applies to many things, but siding is not one of them. From classic to contemporary, few projects offer the transformative results of new siding — not to mention the instant boost in curb appeal. A bonus: Many products offer lifetime warranties, ensuring a sound investment. Plus, quality siding is essential for combating the harsh and unpredictable Colorado weather.

Entry Doorsgravina-1

If you’ve spent any time on Instagram over the past few years, you’re undoubtedly aware of how influential entry doors can be. After all, they’re the first thing that visitors see! Next to siding, entry doors are the best way to increase curb appeal. Plus, an ill-fitting front door is often a culprit for rising utility costs, much like inefficient windows. A new entry door is also a tremendous opportunity to transform the personality of your house, making your new home uniquely you. If you’re still having trouble deciding which project to tackle first, contact Denver’s window and door experts for a free virtual consultation. We’d love to walk you through all the options, including our financing program for projects of all sizes. Don’t forget to mention Hootie for 10% off!

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