A Guide to the Wide World of Siding

Everyone knows how important siding is to your home, from both a visual and functional perspective — but with all the different materials on the market these days, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when shopping for an upgrade. From the tried-and-tested to the technologically advanced, today’s siding options include a wide variety of textures, materials, colors, and overall trends that can give your home a serious bump in curb appeal. To help you make the right choice for your tastes and budget, Gravina’s® is here every step of your journey to enhance your home’s beauty while ensuring its durability — read on to identify which different style is the best fit for your home so you can discover the perfect product from our catalog.

A Natural Look

Lap siding — aka clapboard siding — is a popular option that can be spotted in most neighborhoods. It may seem simple, but upon closer inspection you’ll find a lot more than meets the eye. With James Hardie’s Plank lap siding, you can see how the natural cedar conveys a soft texture that appealingly mimics wood grain for a farmhouse vibe. Commonly seen in soft, earthy colors like mountain sage and gray slate, lap siding is intended to blend in with our natural Colorado surroundings.

Go Bold

The natural look isn’t for everybody — sometimes it’s important for your home to exude an energy as big as your personality! If you want your exterior to stand out, ProVia’s HeartTech Dutch lap is a variation that adds unique shadowing and is perfect for craftsman-style homes. Go for a unique color like sea slate blue for a nautical flavor and you’re sure to give your home a little extra stylistic depth! 

Modern Luxe

While lap siding is the most common, it’s not the only direction you can choose to go. LP Building Solutions lets you see your home from a different perspective with Vertical panel siding. Vertical siding creates the stylish appearance of board-and-batten with 16-foot panels that allow for fewer seams — delivering a clean and modern look. If authenticity is more important than elegance, shake siding is what you desire. Coming in small rectangular panels that can be used to emphasize a raw wooden texture, these grains run deep to add a genuine rustic cottagecore ambience to your home’s exterior.

2023 is all about finding the perfect material to fit your unique style, so it’s not uncommon to contrast looks and blend vinyl or fiber cement siding with stone or brick. To find what works best for you, schedule a free consultation with your Front Range experts at Gravina’s — where we stock only the top brands to help you shape your siding game! Get in touch with us today for a FREE consultation then sit back and relax as we turn your dream home into a reality.

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