3-Lite Sliders and Horizontal Sliders

In a room with low ceilings or a lot of empty horizontal space, many homeowners choose to install sliding windows. In large rooms with lots of empty wall space, sliding windows on can be the perfect addition, letting in sunshine and a fresh breeze. In smaller rooms like kitchens or bedrooms, sliding windows provide the maximum amount of natural light in a compact space. Gravina’s has installed sliding windows to bring natural light into a variety of different spaces, including bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and sunrooms.

Gravina’s offers both 3-Lite sliders and horizontal sliders. Feel free to read about them below, and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or an estimate.

3-Lite Slider Windows

3-Lite slider windows have three panels (or sashes) within one master frame. The center panel doesn’t move, and the left and right sashes slide on rollers to the right or to the left. Typically, these are used in large rooms like family rooms or sunrooms.

Customers often choose 3-Lite sliders for the fresh air brought in from both sides of the window, as well as the extra natural light. 3-Lite sliders are quite common, and are very easy to operate and to clean.

Standard divisions for 3-Lite sliders are by quarter, half, or thirds. In select manufacturing lines, custom vents are available, as are blinds between the glass.

3Lite-Gold-1Horizontal Slider Windows

For smaller rooms like kitchens and bedrooms, many homeowners choose to install horizontal slider windows. The space over a kitchen sink can be the ideal place to add natural light, and in a bedroom, horizontal slider windows are a great way to meet egress (fire safety) requirements.

Horizontal slider windows are smaller than 3-lite slider windows, and consist of only two panels. Either one or both panels can glide horizontally on wheels to open. Double sliding windows come with night or vent locks, which limits the sash from opening more than two inches. This minimizes ventilation and adds safety for small children and pets, but it does not provide extra security.

Like 3-Lite sliders, horizontal sliders are quite common, and are very easy to operate and clean. To clean, simply slide each sash to the middle of the frame, lift straight up, and pull out. The screen is spring-loaded and can be removed by pushing up on the top of the frame, and then pushing out.

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