Every home should have a style as unique as its owner — and we’re here to help find window replacements that will increase your home’s energy efficiency while boosting your curb appeal. 

If you’re looking for European-inspired architectural designs or whimsical Southern charm, we recommend exploring bay, bow, awning, and casement styles. These uncommon window styles are both energy-efficient and crafted with top-quality materials.

Add Southern Charm

bay window style

Bay windows consist of three panels of glass arranged in a trapezoid that are often accompanied by a window seat — think of cozy spaces like reading nooks and informal dining areas. If you’re hoping to increase the space in your home, look no further than adding a bay style window to make your living room feel more spacious than ever. 

Find a Subtle Change 

bow window style

Similar to bays, bow windows are four or more panels of glass that are connected with a seat and headboard. This window style is more subtle than bay windows, which can protrude out as far as 30°.The convenient seat and headboard add extra insulation to your home, which could help lower your monthly utility bill.  

Be Breezy 

awning window style

If you’ve ever visited Europe, you’ve probably seen the popular awning and casement-style windows on old homes. Awning windows hinge at the top and open horizontally⁠ — allowing for gentle air flow into your home. Awning windows offer maximum protection against air leakage, which means you won’t be heated by the outdoors during the summer or fighting cold air in the winter. 

Protection with Multi-Point Locking

casement style window

Casement-style windows are also opened by a crank, but vertically like a door. This provides you with a fully-open window that is locked into place with a tension device attached to your crank. Our favorite manufacturers of this old-style window use durable stainless steel hardware that won’t rust or corrode. Finally, casement windows allow multi-point locking for security and peace of mind. 

No matter which style catches your attention, we are happy to weigh the pros and cons for your home and budget. Every free in-home consultation includes window samples to help inspire the upgrade you deserve. 

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