When you purchase a new home in Denver – that’s new to you but old to someone else – you often fall in love with all its quirks. But after receiving the first electric bill, or surviving the first winter, that love can soon turn to worry.

Did you make a mistake? Can the house ever be a source of joy, as it was when you first removed the ‘sold’ sign? Of course, it can be. You just need to take advantage of a few home upgrades in Denver.

When you’re tossing up between toughing it out or doing those necessary home upgrades, it pays to do your research. Before long, you will see why a few upgrades in Denver are a good investment.

Here is why.

Denver Home Upgrades

You can save money on your electric bill

If you’ve ever lived in an aging, or poorly-built home, you will no doubt be familiar with the draft that flows freely through the windows and doors. On a particularly cold day, you can even hear the whistling as air makes its way through the gaps in the windows and the door frames. It might not seem like a problem as you turn up the dial on that small electric heater, but once the electric bill arrives, you might be changing your tune.

Gaps in your home can be releasing more heat than is even being put out by your heating sources. This results in an exceptionally large electric bill you may not have thought possible.
In fact, as much as 11 percent of heat is lost through a drafty front door, and 10 percent from your windows. This percentage can increase astronomically, depending on the size of the gaps.
The solution? Seeing our friendly team at Gravina’s Windows & Siding.

By starting with your windows and doors when you begin home upgrades in Denver, you can start to save money right away!

Choose from vinyl, wood-clad, wood-clad fiberglass, wood, fiberglass or aluminium to provide year-round comfort and energy efficiency.  They are also easy to clean which reduces how much time you spend on daily chores.

Save money, save time, that’s what Gravina’s are all about.

You can add indoor/outdoor flow

When you’re looking to make a few home upgrades in Denver, why not include an outdoor entertainment area? After all, summer is a great time to be outside with family and friends. But how do you ensure you maximize your indoor/outdoor flow? By opting for sliding patio doors from a range of trusted manufacturers, installed by the experienced team at Gravina’s.

We have an extensive range of patio door options to suit your existing home décor. This includes those hard-to-find sizes that most other businesses don’t stock. In fact, you can customize your new patio door to suit your needs. This includes the type of glass, the overall configuration, the color and even the style. We want to be a part of your vision so if our ‘standard’ is not an option, we’ll create your version of standard.

In order to ensure you can enjoy your indoor/outdoor flow for many years to come, we make sure we use only quality materials coupled with exceptional workmanship. From manufacturing right through to installation, you can expect quality. This means you can enjoy smooth sliding doors on rollers, premium hardware, and an elegant finish to tie it together.

You could be proud of your visitor entrance

As a homeowner, you want to be proud of your home. We want that for you too. That’s why, when you’re undertaking home upgrades in Denver, we recommend you install a premium entry door from Gravina’s. When you want to be proud of your visitor entrance, why shouldn’t this include the front door?

Constructed of durable materials, our doors are high quality and are available in the full spectrum of colors to complement your interior and exterior. They are also backed by a warranty for your peace of mind. Your visitor entrance could very well be the icing on the cake to an upgraded home in Denver.

Two things are important when you purchase a new home: your family’s security, and your comfort. If either are compromised, you need to carry out home upgrades. Luckily, the friendly team here at Gravina’s can assist. Get in touch and we can help reduce your electric bill, while increasing your home’s aesthetics. Contact us today at (303) 936-7023.

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