Why Every Coloradan Needs Durable Siding to Protect Against the Cold

While we love our 300 days of Colorado sunshine every year, all locals can agree that Denver area temperatures often change quickly and unpredictably. Just this past winter, an arctic blast led DIA to record the largest drop in a single hour, and who could forget the October Surprise of 2019 — when a beautiful 83-degree day nosedived overnight into a frigid 19 degrees? Ever since scientists began collecting meteorological data in the 19th century, Front Range temperatures have consistently bounced up and down like a yo-yo. You can’t always anticipate what our weather will do next — but if you want to be prepared for any possibility, keep reading to learn why you should outfit your home with durable siding from Gravina’s® before the next spring chill comes our way. 

The natural beauty of a Colorado winter is a powerful thing to witness, but just because spring is here doesn’t mean we’re in the clear from extreme days that shower us in snowstorms and freezing weather. If you don’t proactively protect your home’s exterior, unexpected situations like these can cause damage to your house and its ability to keep you warm. One of the biggest siding issues for cold climates is the freeze/thaw cycle: In winter, moisture gets trapped in commonly-used wooden siding, causing ice that expands as it freezes. However, because wood is also porous, the natural materials in this siding can become damaged when the warm days come back around. Vinyl siding, on the other hand, is known to grow more brittle as temperatures drop. 

While wood and vinyl may offer inadequate protection against cold weather, fiber cement siding easily solves the issues that defeat other materials. Tested in some of the harshest winter climates, James Hardies’ HZ5® products are low-maintenance and built for endurance against shrinking, swelling, and cracking. In fact, HZ5® products so reliably maintain a home under challenging conditions that they include a thirty-year warranty with every purchase. Fiber cement siding is also known to be versatile in appearance to fit any style under the sun — from lap, shingle, and panel to fascia, trim, and soffit.

Real Colorado locals aren’t about to complain about the weather — perhaps because many already have engineered wood siding wrapped around their homes! Engineered wood combines the aesthetics of real wood with cutting-edge technology for superior durability against cold conditions. For one of our favorite options, LP Building Solutions has created a synthetic masterpiece to ensure you’ll never have to worry about the effects of the freeze/thaw cycle again. Paired with their proprietary SmartGuard process, engineered wood siding is among the most versatile and durable materials on the market. 

Whether it’s snow in late May or a sudden summer rainstorm, you want to be ready for our temperamental Colorado weather. Make intelligent investments in your home with a FREE consultation from Gravina’s today and we’ll find you a siding option that’s a perfect fit!

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