During the hot summer months, we will do anything we can to keep our homes cool. One thing homeowners can do to help immensely is install low-E glass windows.

Low-e stands for low emissivity. Low-e glass is a type of treated glass that that conducts visible light while controlling the passage of heat. This glass is an energy efficient way to control the heat being allowed in and out of a home or environment.  Low-e glass allows visible light to pass through it but blocks heat-generating ultraviolet light, requiring less artificial heating or cooling to keep a room at the desired temperature. This glass works by reflecting heat back to its source. All objects and people give off varying forms of energy, affecting the temperature of a space. Long wave radiation energy is heat, and short wave radiation energy is visible light from the sun. The coating used to make low-e glass works to transmit short wave energy, allowing light in, while reflecting long wave energy to keep heat in the desired location (Source: http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-low-e-glass.htm).

Sounds like a great solution to keeping those energy bills down! Call or email Gravina’s for a free estimate.