steel siding

Siding options

The way you cover your home says a lot about you just like your wardrobe and the way you dress says a lot about you. What’s your style? Classic or modern? Traditional or urban chic? Brick, wood, or siding? You want your home to make a statement about your personality as well as be appealing and welcoming.  At Gravinas we offer steel, vinyl and James Hardie® siding in many color options to suit many different styles and personalities. Let us help you find the best finish for your home.
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Why choose steel siding?

Vinyl siding is massively popular, and for good reason. It’s durable, virtually maintenance-free, and beautiful. But steel siding takes all three of those aspects up a notch. Steel siding offers superior protection for decades and is 100% recyclable. Here are more reasons to consider steel siding for your Denver home: Tighter Seams Steel siding has tighter seams at the joints for a finished look and resistance to water and insects. Fade Resistant Steel siding resists the sun’s harmful rays and prevents fading and chalking – keeping your home looking great for years to come! Easy to Maintain Spend your time
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