Not your grandma’s siding

Siding has been around for many years as a way to protect and beautify your home. But there have been technological advances with siding recently that should keep it as a forerunner in homeowner’s minds when they are considering re-siding their homes. Advancements in siding: Insulated vinyl siding Relatively new to the market, insulated vinyl siding features a layer of expanded polystyrene foam, providing an insulating value of R-2 to R-6. Insulated vinyl is on the checklist of items that can help a house achieve Energy Star qualification. Expect to pay about 15 percent more for insulated versions of vinyl
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5 ways to stay cool in the summer heat

Denver has seen temperatures in the 80’s and 90’s over the past few days and it’s not technically even summer yet. If you’re already thinking, “What can I do to keep my home cool this summer?” we have some ideas for you: 1. Install new windows. Did you know that when properly selected and installed, energy-efficient windows can help minimize your cooling, heating AND lighting costs? 2. Reduce the cooling load by employing cost-effective conservation measures. Provide effective shade for east and west windows. When possible, delay heat-generating activities such as dishwashing until evening on hot days. 3. Consider new
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Siding buying guide from Consumer Reports

Whether you are installing new siding on your home or replacing old siding, the choices can be overwhelming. Here is a great place to get started. This excellent guide on how to buy siding is from Getting started New siding is one of the most visible ways to give your home a makeover now and make it easier to sell later. But siding isn’t just decorative. Loose or cracked panels or shingles can allow entry to moisture and insects, leading to expensive structural damage. Use this guide to find a replacement. If the siding on your home is nearing
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