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Five Tips for Selecting Patio Doors

With the selection of sliding, swinging, French and bi-fold patio doors available today, you have the flexibility to create a truly custom design that complements your home’s architectural style and helps to define your outdoor living space. What type of patio door you use depends on your home’s design, your lifestyle and convenience. For example is it opening to a large outdoor living space that flows from your interior living space? Is it for a small balcony? Or is it part of a large wall of windows? Our architects and designers have put together a list of five design tips
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Door envy

When you’re looking to make a statement with your home’s decor, consider installing a new patio door or French door – or both. There is so much variety out there in terms of look and functionality. Take a look at some of the doors below for design inspiration! Think beyond an indoors to outdoors sliding patio door…
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Think you’re limited to plain white doors in your home’s interior? Think again. See how unique materials and innovative design can make a door not just a privacy provider, but also an integral part of a room’s decor.
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How to Choose a Front Door Color

Curb appeal is something every homeowner wants. Having a bright, cheery front door, or a front door that complements the rest of your home’s look, is an easy way to increase your house’s curb appeal instantly. Check out this article from on how to choose a front door color: How to Choose a Front Door Color Architects, interior designers, and more ∨ Browse living room ideas, from a sectional sofa couch to chandelier lights and floorlamps, for your next interior design project. Find inspiring decorating ideas, from a tufted headboard to custom window treatments, to help you redesign your
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French Doors: Ooh La La!

Here’s a wonderful article from on how French doors can add elegance, function and beautiful new views to your home: If you’re looking to make a grander entrance into your space, look to French doors. Both beautiful and practical, French doors allow an elegant path between two rooms. With double adjoining doors inlaid with glass, this beautiful addition opens from the middle to create an smoothly flow between the outdoors and indoors. Even when closed, French doors add style to function and provide an open view through glass. Consider these doors as a benign barrier between the dining and
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Sliding patio doors

Now’s a great time to consider installing patio doors in your Denver home. Spring has finally sprung, and if you’re anything like us you want to keep the windows and doors open all day long to let in the Colorado air! Sliding patio doors are: 1. Attractive – they let in the natural sunlight and scenery surrounding your home. 2. Functional – with 2, 3 or 4 panels. 3. Energy efficient – easy to open and close quickly. 4. Easy to install – call Gravina’s today!  
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