LP® SmartSide® Siding and Trim

Is blustery weather affecting your home? Although we typically recommend upgrading your home’s exterior during the milder months, if you find yourself needing to increase your curb appeal for a quick sell or if you need protection from the unpredictable Colorado weather, we can efficiently install siding during the winter as well. LP® SmartSide® Siding and Trim from LP Building Solutions is the best of both worlds, thanks to the beauty of wood siding and superior construction that is comparable to fiber cement and other engineered siding replacements.

LP® SmartSide® siding.

Bring Beauty To Your Home

Durable and beautiful, LP’s premium engineered wood siding and trim stands out from the competition. LP® SmartSide® products comes with longer board lengths than their competitors, which allows for fewer seams for improved curb appeal. LP’s boards come with an elegant embossed cedar grain pattern that radiates a rich and traditional look. Styles and colors are designed to elevate your home’s appearance, with popular looks including modern farmhouse, craftsman bungalow, and updated ranch.

Built to Last

Not only is the exterior of your home the first defense against harsh weather, but it’s also essential for keeping warm air inside. Engineered to last, LP’s siding and trim is treated with zinc borate to resist termites and fungal decay. Their unique manufacturing process also helps their products withstand impacts like hail and freeze/thaw cycles. Finally, LP® SmartSide® products are quality-checked three times — giving homeowners peace of mind.

Naturally Sustainable

The LP SmartSide manufacturing process begins with responsibly sourcing wood material using forest management, fiber sourcing and chain of custody standards governed by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.  Wood sourced for the manufacturing of SmartSide comes from trembling aspen trees that are fast growing, and that naturally regenerate soon after timber harvesting operations. Once delivered to LP SmartSide facilities, the log is fully processed where 99% of the log material is either used in our product, or utilized as a source of energy for manufacturing process.

LP® SmartSide® siding and trim.

LP® SmartSide® is a solid siding replacement if you’re looking for a mid-range price option that could last you up to 50 years or more. Upgrading your home’s first defense from the elements is a smart decision, so call us today for a free in-home consultation and we’ll help you decide if siding and trim from LP is the right choice.

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