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Steel siding is the most durable maintenance-free siding available. It is non-combustible. It is stronger than vinyl and aluminum, and will not crack or buckle. Steel resists dents from accidental incidents such as lawn mowers, rocks, and hail, and is the best choice for longevity. Here are some advantages of steel siding:

  • Lower Energy Costs – Steel siding is energy efficient. It’s thermal performance helps improve the overall efficiency of your home.
  • Maintenance – Steel siding is virtually maintenance free.
  • Cost – Steel siding is priced in the middle to higher range, more than vinyl but much less than wood or stone.
  • Superior Construction – Steel siding is stronger than vinyl and aluminum and it won’t crack or buckle. It has the highest durability of all siding materials.
  • Variety – Steel siding is available in many colors and can even be made to resemble wood panels.

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Steel Siding

Steel Siding

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