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Aluminum siding is strong and durable – it will not rot or warp and is non-combustible and maintenance free. Their have been significant improvements to the aesthetics of aluminum siding from decades ago, and in most cases we install aluminum over existing wood, which allows for an extra insulation barrier. A low cost option against vinyl or steel, a variety of factory colors are available. Here are a few advantages of vinyl siding:

  • Lower Energy Costs – Aluminum siding is energy effient and additional insulation is available.
  • Maintenance – Aluminum siding is maintenance free.
  • Cost – Aluminum siding is a low cost solution on the walls of the house. It’s less expensive than steel and vinyl.
  • Superior Construction – Aluminum siding is strong and durable. It will not rot or warp.
  • Variety – Aluminum siding is available in many colors and styles.

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Aluminum Siding

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