If you are a homeowner in the metro Denver area, where weather conditions tend to get a bit extreme, you know that windows play an important role in your home’s overall comfort and energy efficiency. Perhaps you have been feeling the need to upgrade your window’s for awhile for aesthetic reasons, or you are starting to get tired of your high heating and cooling bills. Well, we are here to answer all your questions about whether or not it’s time to replace your windows and how the process works.

Why should your windows be replaced?

Your windows should be replaced if your home feels extra drafty in cold weather, or you can’t seem to keep your home cool in the hot summer months, and your heating and cooling bills are high. Also, a good reason to replace your windows is if you’re concerned about how safe and secure they are. Another reason is if your existing windows are faded, cracked, or in need of repair, making your home look old or in poor condition. Likewise, if they are difficult or impossible to open or close, your windows should be replaced. And finally, if you’re planning to sell your home and are trying to increase your curb appeal, it would be an excellent idea to replace your windows.

When should you replace your windows?

Your windows should be replaced when you notice any of the above conditions. It is always a good time to replace your windows, but especially right before a season change such as in the spring – before the extreme heat of summer hits – or in the fall right before Old Man Winter comes blowing in.

Are window replacements done year round? 

Yes. However, we recommend window replacement be done in the milder seasons, especially in Denver and surrounding areas.

Why should I choose custom replacement windows over pre-made stock windows?

Custom-made windows may have a higher initial purchase price than standard-sized windows, but they are actually the best value in the long run. With custom windows, installation is generally faster and there is little to no cosmetic work to the interior or exterior of your home required. Plus, the exact fit with custom windows means better thermal performance and lower energy bills.

Replacement Windows Denver GravinasHow long does it take to get my new windows?

It generally takes 5-8 weeks.

How long does installation of replacement windows take?

Usually 1-2 days, but it depends on how many windows are being installed.

How are the windows installed?

We work on both sides of the window, inside and outside of your home.

What do I need to do to prepare for replacement windows?

To give us a clear path for installation, please remove blinds, drapes, pictures, knick knacks, any breakable items, and furniture if possible.

Is there a warranty on the windows?

Most windows carry a lifetime manufacturer warranty except wood windows which carry a 10/20 year warranty.

What happens to my old windows?

We will haul away your old windows. In most cases we will even wash the glass on your new windows.

We hope this helps answer any and all of your questions about replacement windows in Denver. Call us if you have any other questions not answered here.