As we transition into fall and then winter, you may notice your utility bill getting higher and higher. Drafts can enter your home through aged or ill-fitting windows, and it becomes more difficult to retain heat, so you might want to consider replacing some or all of your windows. However, not all window replacements are the same, and if you are looking for a timeless aesthetic, durable material, and energy efficiency, then we recommend wood windows from Kolbe.

Kolbe wood windows in the foothills

Photo © Mark Weinberg, used with permission

Why Wood Windows

Wood windows, with numerous energy efficiency options, can be a smart investment for your home if you are looking to make it more comfortable year-round. As a top industry choice for thermal performance and weather resistance, wood offers versatile styling that creates comfortable homes with a natural aesthetic. Ideal for historical replication to traditional and modern designs, wood windows can enhance the beauty of your home, as well as provide a barrier from Colorado’s toughest weather.

Interior Kolbe wood windows

Photo courtesy Kolbe Windows & Doors.

Kolbe’s Wood Window Offering

At Gravina’s, you’ll find three of Kolbe’s wood window product lines, each with a different form and function.

  • Ultra Series

Designed for durability and performance, Kolbe’s Ultra Series offers a wood interior with an extruded aluminum exterior. These windows convey the warm style of a wood interior and can mimic the exterior trim details of traditional wood windows.

  • Heritage Series

Carefully crafted with a wood interior and exterior, Heritage Series windows are ideal when replacing windows with architecturally intricate and historically accurate details.

  • Forgent® Series

The Forgent Series features a strong and resilient Glastra® exterior combined with a wood interior. A welded sash and frame offer energy efficiency by preventing air and water infiltration into your home. These windows are also simple, convenient, and easy to install, and are a perfect choice for replacement when lead times are short and windows are needed quickly.

Energy Efficiency

Wood windows can boost your home’s energy efficiency. Kolbe windows and doors use low-e glass to keep heat in during the winter and out in the summer, for a comfortable home throughout the year. Combinations of low-e coatings, argon gas, lamination, and/or double or triple glazing can be used to meet specific energy goals. Many Kolbe products have been designated as ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient Products of 2019.

Stylish Choices

Kolbe offers many wood window operation types, exterior and interior finishes, and color options to choose from, plus divided lites, profiles, and patterns. In addition to classic double-hung windows, you can incorporate casement, awning, and direct set windows, convenient pass-through sliding or folding windows, or European-styled tilt-turn windows.

We’re happy to help you decide if Kolbe wood windows from Gravina’s are the right products for your home. And remember – we offer financing options for your budget-focused family. Contact us today to get started on your energy-saving journey.

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